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Amazon is ruling the world. It is both reseller and customer favorite marketplace whether to stock up or order essential things because of the convenience and affordability. Amazon sells over 12 million products. More than 50% of the Amazon sales come from third-party sellers. This e-commerce site has an ever-growing catalog. Below, we have listed out the key features regarding this tool in our Zon Tools Review.

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Sponsored Products is an advertising campaign that helps you promote the product lists on Amazon. You can pick the products that you want and tag keywords to those words. It is tricky to manage products and campaigns on Amazon with higher conversion rates. There are many tools to manage your Amazon business and take it to the next level. Zon.tools is one of those that you can start today. It has Enterprise management and Automation software for Amazon PPC. This review provides more details of Zon.Tools. 

 Key Features and why To Consider Zon Tools Review?

Zon Tools Review

Zon. Tools offer everything that Amazon resellers require to automate the advertising efforts. Here are some of the key features of Zon Tools that keep your business experience elevated:

  • Customizable and granular rules
  • Offers automatic KW match segmentation
  • Millions of keywords and customer search terms
  • Thousands of campaigns
  • Manual and auto campaigns
  • Featured with new enhanced auto-targeting automation
  • Automatically performs bid-adjustments based on user-defined criteria
  • Automatically sets bleeding search terms to negatives multiple times a day
  • Product attribute targeting automation
  • Handles large accounts and data sets

What do you do with Zon Tools?

Zon.Tools best suited for industry leaders, social media influencers, sellers & educators, media networks, Youtubers, and Bloggers. You should choose Amazon sponsored ads if you wish to get higher rankings for your products. Zon. Tools can be your best choice to achieve this. Let us have a look at other benefits that you reap at Zon.Tools:

  • You can maximize advertising sales and Amazon ads performance
  • Autopilot creates well-structured campaigns
  • You can reduce the overall account advertising cost of sales to improve profits
  • Allows you to focus more on growing your business
  • You can automate your Amazon sponsored Ads campaign, 
  • Expand your advertising in other countries and languages
  • You can hit your desired ACOS in just a few clicks to improve Amazon sales

 Proprietary Algorithmic Engines

Proprietary algorithms are used to get the most relevant results from the search results for any specific query. Here are some of the algorithms at Zon.Tools: 

  1.     Auto Mate 3.0: 

This engine efficiently adjusts your keywords’ and targets’ bids to aid you in reaching ACoS goals. The AM 3.0 algorithm calculates and adjusts your bids up or down to maximize the sales. 

  1.     Keyword Miner:

This engine scans reports and add relevant, customer search term into the system and grows your campaigns in an automated environment. 

  1.     Target Miner:

TM engine scans your reports constantly and adds relevant, converting ASIN back to your ASIN ad group. 

  1.     Bid gambler:

It will keep track of your keywords and targets and periodically increase the bid until you get impressions and clicks.  

  1.     Term-Inator:

To improve Auto, Broad and Phrase campaigns matching capabilities, TI engine scans and negates any bleeding term when needed. 

  1.     Keyword recycler:

It calculates any low performing keywords and calculates new, updated optimal bid based on the algorithms. KWR will test keyword/bid pair in separate set up for easier tracking. 

 PPC Software- Launch your campaigns quickly

Segmented campaign set up takes place in just a few clicks. PPC software will ask you the things that you need to perform actions on your accounts for the goal optimizations. You can set up rules and thresholds at the campaign level. 

PPC software allows: 

  • Easy setup
  • Easy to access search term data
  • Automate your current set up
  • Achieve full flexibility and control over the search engines

Zon.Tools Affiliate Program

15% lifetime commissions can be earned on every referral. It is free to sign up without any technical knowledge. Affiliates are the best way to drive traffic and sales for commercial websites and receive a commission payment.

Once you join the affiliate program, you will be supplied with an affiliate link, a coupon, and banners to place on your site and share on social media platforms. On the affiliate dashboard, you can check your sales, traffic, account balance, and how your banner looks. In the below section we have listed out the pricing structure of Zon Tools Review. 


It has a flexible pricing structure and you can cancel the subscription at any time. You can start your 30-day trial at $1. During the free trial period, you can have unlimited access to all Zon.Tools. It is easy to cancel a subscription anytime during the trial period. You can select the plans according to the Ad requirement on Amazon. 

 Bottom Line

Elevate your E-commerce experience with a simple set up of Zon.Tools. Just login and transfer all your advertising data through Amazon’s secure interface. This offers secure means for your business with reliable database providers. The software is dedicated to optimizing your PPC spend on Amazon.

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