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Music can reduce stress and stabilize mood disorders. The dream of every musician is to unleash the bounds and generate any music for live performance. The perfect tool to show up the artistic skills favoring the audience is the synthesizer. This instrument can mimic traditional music instruments like Violin, Piano, and peculiar sounds like marching footsteps, and many others. Get to know about the synth tutorials and add-ons lesson packs in this Syntorial Review.

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Anyone can allure sound out of a synthesizer, but making it sound pleasant is all that matters. If you love to make the best out of a synthesizer, this Syntorial review will help. Syntorial is a training software that brings an innovative and fun way of learning a synthesizer.  

What’s Unique in Syntorial Review?

Syntorial software is made by Audible Genius company. Audible Genius is a company established by Joe Hanley. He is a musician, programmer, and teacher who is overwhelmed by the synthesizer’s learning methodologies. Jow introduced this platform to uncover better ways of learning a synthesizer. 

Syntorial Review

He learned to code and created a prototype game style training program to simplify the synthesizer’s learning process. Joe soon introduced Syntorial after raising some Cashola through Kickstarter. 

Syntorial received rave reviews from industry magazines like Electronic Musician, Keyboard, and Music Tech. 

A Short Info about AudibleGenius

Joe introduced Audible Genius tutorials to spread the footprints of syntorial into the music world. It is a video game-like training to learn the production and composition of music. 

This online music composition course will help you create your music in the online music production studio.

After every lesson, you will get a chance to convert the theoretical knowledge to practice. You are supposed to write a drum groove, bassline, chord progression, or melody and sometimes combine them to create a full beat from scratch. 

So by the end, of course, you will have much fresh content to start new songs. Some of the fun learning ways include Building blocks, interactive ear training, and modernized music theory. 

Synth Tutorial at one place

Syntorial does not merely teach you music; it will make you a music designer. It engages you in 129 interactive challenges enabling you program patches on built-in synth. 

Syntorial talks about how each of the control effects sound, instead of science and physics behind the synthesizer. This information will help you to get something productive and apply it to a real-life situation. However, through this Syntorial Review, everyone who’s looking for creating their own set of sounds is an awesome platform for them to learn & to showcase their skills. 

This tool trains your ear to analyze how to recognize how each of the control shapes the sound. By the climax of every session, you will be able to make the sound you hear. 

Syntorial’s built-in synth comes with VST/AU plugin. This plugin comes with your purchase, and you can use it in any recording software that accepts VST and AU plugins. 

Every pack comes with 199 essential core lessons, and you can expand your learning with the additional lesson packs. 

Synth tutorials include:

  • 129 challenges
  • 147 video demonstrations 
  • 706 patches from simple to complex
  • 64 synth parameters
  • Periodic task assignments
  • 39 quizzes with multiple-choice questions

Syntorial Add-on lesson packs

These add-on packs will help you extend the learning. You can give a try with a handful of videos from each of the packs.

Serum lesson pack: 

The serum is easy to learn and powerful with the wavetable editing capabilities and intuitive visual feedback. This pack offers 9 hrs 22 minutes of training with the 55 videos. Transfer all you learned at syntorial to serum and optimize your learning abilities.

Massive lesson pack:

It is a versatile tool with a selection of wavetables and modulation options, enabling you to generate an endless variety of sounds. This pack offers 4 hours of 44 minutes of training with 41 videos. 

Sylenth 1: 

The sylenth 1 lesson pack has 38 videos totalling 2 hours and 47 minutes. It takes you through the practical learning of each control, using the interactive challenges and quiz.


This syntorial lesson pack offers 3 hours and 17 minutes of training with 37 videos. In each of the videos, you will learn how to apply the things you have learned. 

Minimoog Voyager:

The Minimoog Voyager lesson pack comes with 34 videos totaling 2 hours and 22 minutes. 

Syntorial free plan

Syntorial free download includes the first 22 lessons out of 199 essential tasks, and you can access 4-5 videos from each of the lesson pack. You are free to watch the lessons anytime, as there is no time limit. 

Syntorial download is available with the following devices:

  • Mac OS 10.9+
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, and VISTA
  • iOs 8+

Syntorial Pricing & Discounts

You are not only buying the app but also tons of useful content. If you can’t afford the app, you can pay the total amount in 6 installments or use PayPal credit. Syntorial offers special pricing for schools and organizations looking for multiple licenses.

Syntorial discounts are available for students and teachers looking for individual licenses. This brand collaborated with Able First Foundation to offer a 50% discount for creative people on a fixed income and disabilities. 

Syntorial Affiliate Program

Get a commission of 20% on every referral. The syntorial team will deliver banner ads, links, emails, and promotional content. You will receive a referral commission on the 15th of every month.

Bottom Line

Syntorial is a video game-like synthesizer training software that simplifies synthesizer learning with interactive lessons and challenges. It is designed to make every music enthusiasts deliver unique and sounding music for every project. Finally, we hope that our Syntorial Review gives an overall view upon making fresh musical Nord with synth.

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