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Read the latest Child1st Review. When it comes to knowledge, no matter what your age is or what you are learning, if the teaching is done interactively, it becomes easy to understand and remember for a longer time, especially for kindergarten kids, who have just started to understand the basic concepts of reading and to write along with regular extracurricular activities. 

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Not all the kindergarten is equipped with special facilities, and not every kid is the same to understand in the common method. So an interactive and multisensory approach for children’s learning is developed named Child1st for advanced and understandable learning, which lasts for a longer time. 

Why Considering Child1st Review?

For 14 years, Child1st has been in the educational industry and successfully introduced the multisensory approach to make every child understand the concept easily. Multisensory interactive programs are designed with high standards to cover every learner’s own learning language levels successfully. Initially, Child1st has started on a minimal level, but with time now, it has spread throughout the US and in more than 100 countries around the world by just word of mouth. 

Child1st Review

Child1st extraordinary and advanced multisensory approach is designed explicitly, focusing on the kinesthetic or visual-spatial beginner learners. This interactive learning helps children to identify learning differences by integrating body movement and images into their lessons. In this Child1st Review, we have also covered learning materials including the entire collection.

Child1st Learning Material 

Child1st multisensory approach to learning has been designed, keeping in mind various learning and understanding issues. There are various learning programs and study material Child1st offers; let’s see a few of them- 

Reading & Math Resources– 

Child1st has designed a special learning program for children who struggle with numbers (math) or reading.

SnapWords Packs– 

Images embedded learning and rich sight word vocabulary programs help young students teach sight words and rectify learning struggles.

SnapWords 607 – The Entire Collection

Child1st has designed an entire collection of learning, which focuses on hands-on student-led learning for the strongest learning skills. It covers various aspects and learning program in a step-by-step manner, starting from-

  • Teaching Cards
  • Pocket Cards
  • Complete Classroom Kit 
  • Independent Sight Word Centers
  • Independent Center Kit
  • The Complete Sight Words in Sentences
  • Spelling Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Snap words 306 – The Essentials Kits

Another learning kit that Child1st offers is The Essentials Kits, which focuses on teaching sight words in easy and understandable learning and remembering ways for children. It is a kind of an advanced version of SnapWords 607. It also covers various steps of learning, such as- 

  • Teaching Cards – The Essentials Kit
  • Pocket Chart Cards
  • Classroom Kit
  • Independent Center Kit
  • Mini-Lessons
  • Sight Words in Sentences

Snap words 301 – The Extension Kits

Child1st Extension Kits is a convenient bundle for the learner who has the SnapWords 306 Kit. It is the best kit for a younger child, like 18 months old, for introducing concrete words and high-frequency words.

The Extension Kits also comprises step-by-step courses with reading components, including phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, writing, phonics, spelling, critical thinking, and comprehension. The Pocket Cards and Beyond Sight Words Activities are among the learning programs of the Extension Kit.

Alongside this, there are various learning programs such as Alphabet, 0 Math, Phonics & Spelling, Easy-for-Me Reading Kits, Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers, SnapWords Independent Sight Word Centers, Right-Brained Phonics & Spelling Kit.

Final Thoughts 

Child1st is an extraordinary platform for learning, reading, writing, activities, etc. It offers homeschool and preschoolers educational learning for children, but Child1st also helps various categorial conditions such as Autism, Dyslexia, ADD/ ADHD, Special Education, Visual Learning, and Down Syndrome Kinesthetic Learning, and English Language Learning. Child1st is one solution for educational and social learning in a fun way. All the learning packages are very affordable, that every parent must give Child1st learning programs a try! We hope that our Child1st Review gives an overall view of online learning platforms.

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