Yellow Letter HQ Review – The Letters With Invitations & Windowed Envelopes

Read the latest yellowletterHQ review. YellowletterHQ is capable of creating the yellow letter by a marketing campaign. They make direct mail so easily & Efficiently. Its process is simple, quick and affordably priced. This yellowlettersHQ is competitively priced among real estate.

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They know precisely where your mail order is in the process. If you were tired of real estate marketing campaigns then give a try to YellowletterHQ. 

Why Yellow Letter HQ?

This is one of the most competitive direct mail company. You can save your budget & Sanity. YellowletterHQ delivers a super-fast campaign which lets your phone ringing. You can even customize your marketing materials.

Yellow Letter with Windowed Envelope

The main job of any letter is to get open. Nowadays people send messages in the Yellow paper or else in the white paper. This letter is not printed. It is handwritten by the individual’s officials. So you won’t lose back in the stack of mail. In this world, most people get responded by letters. If you go by seller appointments, then it may decrease the competition. After completing the printing of the address upon the envelope. It is seasonally stamped to improve its looks that looks like a first-class stamp. The user can place the order by creating a proof to its approval. Generally, it takes 24 hours of duration for approval. You have to pay $65 for a yellow letter with a windowed envelope. 


yellow letter hq

Letters and Unique Envelopes

These letters are colored envelope which gets the highest response rate. One of the best envelopes is the blue handwritten font. They won’t use any magic color, Font and Rose petals. It looks incredible because of the color combination. This pink envelope can be even noticed in a stack of emails. Your message must be unique, and it should be searchable on websites too. By attaching a family photo, it builds trust. just tell the seller about you and what you are capable of doing. Some of the sellers deal with Mom & Pop company. You can choose blue, Black, Red inks upon notebook. All these letters take 8 to 12 to reach mailboxes. These letter with invitation cost .59 cents.


These Postcards were classified into two types such as First class postcard of 4.25x 5.5 and Standard postage half-page postcard of 8.5×5.5. This kind of postcards is printed in yellow, pink, white, Fluorescent green & Cosmic orange cardstock. You can use black, blue or red ink. After placing the order, you have to create a proof to approve. This first-class and standard postage half-page postcard are priced at 0.36 cent.

Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers Letter

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers letter consists of different types of templates like Customized designed letter, Standard professional letter and Upload your intended message. A user can select four types of fonts such as Levy, Typed, Tower, Lindy, and Givens. These fonts colors were available in Black and blue. You have to pay 0.50 cents for a Broker insurance agent, 0.59 cents for property street view picture letter and $997 per year for Lead membership.

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