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Are you looking for any reliable platform that helps you in fixing all the blogs? The Blog Fixer is the solution to fix all the blogs to make the website look more attractive and informative. It helps to remove all the irrelevant and unnecessary content from the website.

The Blog Fixer is the time-saving blog fixer that helps deal with many Google requirements, affiliate rules, and more. All fixes are permanent and will remain until The Blog Fixer is deactivated or deleted entirely. More details about The Blog Fixer will be available in this article.

Why choose The Blog Fixer?

If you think about why you should choose The Blog Fixer over other blog fixing service providers, then one of the main reasons is that it offers Nofollow services that help avoid the Google SEO penalty. It provides the easiest way to fill in missing alt tags with image alt text generator fix.

Services provided by The Blog Fixer

The Blog Fixer provides a variety of blog fixing services to keep website advanced and emerging

Image Alt Text Generator Fix

Image Alts text generator fix helps to fix and fill images with empty alt tags. The Blog Fixer will do one-time research on-site and find images according to criteria. Users can easily start and stop as the progress will be saved immediately. All the changes are permanent both in posts and media libraries.

Remove Comment links

Broken links negatively affect the website in many ways. Remove comment links is a powerful blog fixing service that helps to reduce broken and spammy links from the website. This service is completely customizable, and some of the features have to be included in the website.

Dead Affiliate Program Fix

Dead affiliate program fix is a service that helps to secure the affiliate income of the company. Emails from the affiliate program are frustrating for everyone; this service will permanently swap the entire email.

Mixed Content Error Fix

The mixed content error helps to update the content permanently HTTPS ready. The process of resolving the mixed content is very simple. All the resources sourced in the public posts are to be served over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Pricing at The Blog Fixer

The Blog Fixer offers a variety of blog fixing services at affordable and discounted rates. Image Alts text generator fix is available at $199. NoFollow fix is at just $115, and the mixed content error fix is at $125. Remove comment links service is available at $65.

Dead affiliate program fix service is available at $95 to remove all amazon links service is at $50. Site cleanup package with three popular services at $130. Import external images service at just $195 and Amazon compliance fix at $395.


The Blog Fixer is the premium quality service provider for fixing all the blogs. It has a huge variety of services available to fix all irrelevant website issues. All the services are provided that helps in the easy running of the website. If the customer is unsure what service they should take, they can do a site scan where The Blog Fixer will scan the website with all of its services.

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