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Like various addictions, smoking is also very harmful, with almost 7000 chemicals, and a majority of it is toxic and can damage your body. However, quitting smoking is not that easy; sometimes, it also affects in different ways. So to get on to the middle of this condition, vaping and e-smoking have been created. In case if you’ve got a full-time vaper of CBD then, definitely you will get to unlock some of the unknown things regarding vaping in this Damp Fabriek Review. The e-cigarettes, vape pens, vapes, Juul, etc. are the same as cigarette smoking, but it is battery-powered by e-liquid, where you have to inhale and exhale.

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Even the CBD consumption can be done by using CBD e-liquid in it, which truly makes you feel the same as smoking a regular cigarette. As per the experts, vaping and e-smoking are less harmful than regular tobacco smoking. With the benefits and safety of e-cigarettes, various vaping and e-smoking products have been created by different brands. One of the trusted and most liked vaping, and e-smoking devices offer in the market is Damp Fabriek. Let’s learn about Damp Fabriek in detail and about its offerings. 

Why Considering Damp Fabriek Review?

damp fabriek review

Damp Fabriek is a renowned firm specialized in electric smoking. It is a well-established firm having various franchise physical stores in the Netherlands. Its e-cigarettes are intended to the same as tobacco smoking. It offers a whole range of smoking and vaping electric sets along with e liquids, starter kits, sub-ohm tanks, mech mods, and e-cigarettes. Let’s learn about Damp Fabriek whole range of products-

Damp Fabriek Products 

Starter Kit 

Damp Fabriek starter kit consists of a small e-cigarette that has 0.8ml of e-juice capacity along with the 2200mAh internal battery charging box for consistent usage and long vaping. The e-cigarette starter pack includes a 2 ohm of heating element, enabling you to use it with nic salt e-liquid and high nicotine. The Damp Fabriek starter kit looks like a lighter and is available in white and black color. Damp Fabriek starter kit includes a SPOD device, pocket charger, cartridge, USB charger, and quality certificate. 

Mech Mod

A mechanical mod is a simple piece of device, which is very accessible to even inexperienced vapers. In a simpler way, the mech mod vape devices offer an atomizer with pure battery power. The mod contains only one batter. Damp Fabriek mech mod’s instant coil has a correct resistance battery, so you need not worry about the explosion. 


Damp Fabriek’s pods, iPod vapes, vape pods, and pod mods are the latest innovation of vaping products. Pods are very accessible and require no maintenance; it just needs a pod replacement. Damp Fabriek claims that its pods uniquely suit everyone, even the smokers who haven’t yet found a vape product. The store has the best-in-class pods that deliver a whole new level of regular smoking like experience by matching the smoker’s impact crave. 

 Sub-ohm Tanks

Damp Fabriek’s vapor tanks offer a wide variety of first-rate vape clearomizers at a very reasonable price. Its vapor tanks are high-quality and 100% sure about various vaping requirements such as volume, cost, design, and delivery system. Damp Fabriek’s tanks brands are the most reputable vaping in the market, which includes Innokin, Aspire, Kangertech, Vapeston, Eleaf, FreeMax, and many others. 


Damp Fabriek’s e-liquids use nic salt to offer a huge level of nic concentrate without any harsh effect as you experience in other brand’s e-liquids. It has a range of flavors that suits all vapors. The e-liquids are also ideal for e-cigarettes as well as new vapors. 


Damp Fabriek has built all its e-cigarettes in numerous sizes, colors, and kinds. The selection of e-cigarettes often depends on how often you smoke. The store claims that if an individual smokes a lot each day, the store suggests smoking a more decadent version. The e-cigarettes consumption has no bad smells as well as no yellow teeth. Alongside this, the store claims that the e-cigarettes are even excellent and suitable if you wish to quit smoking. 

Alongside all the various Damp Fabriek products listed above, the store also offers various accessories related to vaping and smoking. The accessories such as adapters, bottles, batteries, drip tips, hand made coils, ohmmeters, pre-made coils, pyrex glasses, chargers, and wire. It also offers various other accessories such as cases, protection, bags, cotton, tools, etc.  

The warranty at Damp Fabriek:

No warranty is provided on E-liquids. All the batteries and chargers come with a standard three-month warranty. There is an option to contact customer care on the broken orders.

Damp Fabriek Referral Program

You can earn up to 6% commission on every referral. It is free to join the referral program. You will get the simple linking tools to choose from the catalog of products and advertise your products.


Damp Fabriek is a well-established vape and smoking kit offered in the market. It has a new collection of Vype e-pen3, which boosts the brand-new powerful system to deliver an intense flavor and rich taste, which offers a sense of vaping experience. We hope our team has covered everything regarding vaping and its top-selling products in this Damp Fabriek Review.

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