Sugarmat Review | Affordable and Durable Yoga Mats and other accessories

A yoga mat is very important while doing yoga exercises. The long-lasting and comfortable yoga mat is very crucial for complete relaxation during exercise. Sugarmat is an online store that provides a wide collection of yoga mats and other accessories in different sizes, patterns, and colors.

Sugarmat has mats of premium quality natural rubber, synthetic suede, and water-based ink with no toxic materials. All the mats are designed with high-quality material for ease and years of useful life.

Why choose Sugarmat?

One of the main reasons to choose Sugarmat’s yoga mats for your complete physical activities is that it has all sizes of yoga mats available with various patterns and colors. All the yoga mats are designer and intuitive that easily brings positivity to the user’s life.

Products at Sugarmat

Sugarmat provides a wide range of yoga mats and other accessories for physical activities

Yoga mats

Sugarmat provides a huge variety of fine-quality yoga mats with various long-lasting features. It has yoga mats available in various sizes, and Sugarmat 5mm is the biggest of all the exercising mats.

Yoga Bags

Sugarmat bags for yoga are made from high-quality fabric and are very spacious so that you can keep various things at one time. The fabric used in the bag is water-repellent, durable, and easy to wipe and clean. It has completely non-toxic and emissions-free manufacturing.

Yoga Block

Blocks are designed for new babies and intermediate yogis. Sugarmat block is made of high-density and sturdy foam for long-lasting durability. It is lightweight and non-slippery even in sweat, with beveled edges for soft and easy gripping.

Yoga stretching strap

Yoga stretching strap provides stability and balance to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses, and increased strength. It extends support, deepens stretches while increasing the range of motion.

Pricing at Sugarmat

Sugarmat provides a huge range of yoga mats and other exercise accessories at affordable and discounted prices. All the yoga stretching straps at $20. 5mm yoga mats are available at just $109, and 3 mm yoga mats are available at $99. Yoga bags are available at $49, and yoga blocks are available at just $24.

Dunes top is available at the discounted price of $49, and Emery and desert rose bras are available at $42. All the leggings are available in the range of $42 to $56. Yoga bolsters Marrakesh, and spotty paradise is available at $79.


Sugarmat has a wide collection of yoga mats, blocks, bags, and other accessories. It is the one-stop solution for yoga needs. All the products are made from high-quality material for durability and complete comfort to the yogis. The foam used in the yoga blocks is of fine quality that users can use even if they are fully wet in sweat.

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