CraftyBase Review | Bookkeeping and Inventory Management Software for Business Growth

Are you looking for any inventory and bookkeeping management software? All you should know is CraftyBase, high-quality advanced software for complete inventory and bookkeeping management services. It has smarter pricing, stock, and reporting features for complete assistance in management.

CraftyBase has multiple features for the benefit of businesses. It uses exact costs of materials and labor to generate pricing solutions for every product. There is no need to track compliance requirements separately to inventory full traceability of all products and services provided by CraftyBase.

Why choose CraftyBase?

If you think about why to choose CraftyBase over other inventory management softwares, then one of the reasons is that it has powerful inventory adjustment capabilities that can handle any stock changes, including cancellations. It has a lot of custom categories to track direct and indirect expenses.

Services provided by CraftyBase


CraftyBase has bookkeeper-friendly reports to provide you with detailed Profit & Loss, Expenditure and Revenue, Inventory Valuation, and Cost of goods sold. The popular products and high revenue customer reports give visibility to make better decisions in business.


CraftyBase software gives the customers powerful tools to ensure the company is on top of consignment stock. It helps to create unlimited location records, transfer stocks to location and assign sales to consignees.


This service provided by CraftyBase will free the company from the end-of-year counts. It will help to ensure keeping accurate stock numbers throughout the year. Material lists can be easily generated randomly or by category, and instant feedback is also provided on stock count accuracy.

Pricing Guidance

CraftyBase uses exact costs of material and labor to generate pricing suggestions for every product. This software helps the user in every way to make the profit margins that will take the business to the next level.

Pricing at CraftyBase

CraftyBase provides highly effective bookkeeping and inventory management services at affordable pricing plans. CraftyBase pricing includes a pro plan with one user account and one integrated sales channel at $23 per month. Studio plan with consignment tracking and component assemblies at $35 per month. Indie plan for small teams with material Lot, BIN tracking, and automated assemblies at $59 per month.


CraftyBase is the highly advanced software that helps in inventory and bookkeeping management of the business. It has a wide variety of services available for the easy and accurate management of all business inventory activities. CraftyBase provides seamless integration with Shopify, woocommerce, PayPal, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms.

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