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There is a huge number of hosting services available online. Every hosting service provider has its pros and promises to offer the users. Which hosting service should you choose when looking for a game server hosting service? It is very hard to choose one out of many different service providers.

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Of those many gaming server hosting platforms, Snownode is one. It is one of the premium hosting providers for games and game servers. It is one of the most well-performing online game hosting platforms available online.

What Makes Snownode Unique From All Other Hosting Platforms?

Since it is a gaming server service provider, it offers ultimate speed and security to the website, servers, and data. These gaming servers can be the perfect option to fulfill users’ hosting needs or requirements. The platform aims to provide a smooth and swift experience for all users.


The platform’s user interface is pretty newbie-friendly, which helps beginners complete their actions and work easily. The platform’s customer support is also top-notch, makings the users easily access and understand the services better. The hosting service also offers data backup, SSD storage, and other features that keep data safe.

The Services & Pricing Of Snownode

The platform offers services like Minecraft, MCPE, Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, and Domain.

Minecraft Hosting

It is a hardware that hosts the multiplayer games of Minecraft. In this, users can get the features like DDoS protection, 1Gbps uplink, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, enterprise-grade hardware, and more. The service prices are based on the location chosen by the users. The existing locations are UK and USA, with $2.30 and $1.30 monthly, respectively.

Web Hosting

The web hosting features include Cpanel control, DDoS protection, enterprise-grade hardware, unlimited bandwidth and storage, scheduled tasks, and more. The platform offers three plans for the users. Crystal-1, Crystal-2, and Crystal-3. The pricing of the plans is $1, $3, and $5 per month, respectively.

Reseller Web Hosting

The reseller web hosting also has three plans with respective benefits. The reseller-1 is $5 per month, where users can get 150GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, unlimited emails, and unlimited sub-domains. The reseller-2 costs $10 per month with the features like 250GB storage, 1.5TB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited sub-domains. The reseller-3 price is $20 per month. This plan is an extended version of the two plans mentioned above. It has 500GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Domain Registration

One can register a name for a certain period on the internet. The pricing of the services is different for different domains. Additionally, users can observe that all the prices are the same for new purchases, transfers, and renewals. The available domains are .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info. The pricing for purchasing a new domain is $14.95 for all of them. Only the .net domain costs $16 for renewal.


Snownode is an online platform that offers multiple services like Minecraft hosting, Web Hosting, Reseller Website hosting, and Domain Registration to its customers. It offers ultimate security and fast services as it has the finest hardware. All the actions can run smoothly and fast. It also offers the backup of the data to keep data safe and secure. These services are available at affordable prices for everyone.

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