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For every small or big news, people celebrate and throw a party for all their friends and family. At the parties, there will be many things involved, and for those who want to add some extra touch, Hemper can help them. It is an online brand that offers various CBD products and smoking products.

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Users can enjoy and take their party to the next level by adding these products. The platform offers its products in a subscription format so that the customers can enjoy the best quality CBD and smoke products without restrictions and breaks.

Why Choose Hemper?

Hemper is a brand that offers users the finest and coolest smoking products, along with CBD products. It is a combo place where smokers can get their two favorite products in one place. The subscription service helps them have no limit to their enjoyment. The subscription boxes are packed with hand-selected products, and the box contains both unique glass and paper products.


All the glass products are shaped and crafted in a way that enhances the style of smokers. Every box contains 10+ smoking accessories to give you an amazing smoking experience. All the products are packed in a discreet mailer bag with no brandings outside the cover to keep the user’s privacy.

The Products & Pricing Of Hemper

CBD & Delta 8

The category contains some of the finest products like disposable vape pens, vape carts, edibles, pre-rolls, dabs/concentrates, hemp flowers, topicals, and CBD for pets. The pricing of the products ranges from $29.99 to $49.99.


There are huge options of bongs on the website that help users to enjoy their party to the next level. Users can choose bongs that are crafted in many different designs and models. The pricing of the products ranges from $39.99 and $129.99.

Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs are the other form of bongs that help users enjoy smoking. The price range of these dab rigs is $39.99 to $129.99. Before choosing the dab rigs, there are many things to consider, and this platform has all covered them for you.

Glass Pipes

The glass pipes, the shoppers can find the products like bubblers, spoon pipes, sherlock pipes, glass blunts, one hitter & chillums, and steam roller pipes. These pipes are affordable and give you a nice and smooth smoking experience. The price of these glass pipes ranges from $9.99 to $29.99.


In the section of vaporizers, users can find desktop vaporizers, pen vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and vape parts & accessories. The price range of these products ranges from $19.99 to $224.99.


Hemper is a platform that offers premium quality smoking products, including CBD. Users can get the ultimate types and designs of bongs, dab rigs, and more on the platform. Every product gives the users the ultimate smoking experience and is a perfect fit for any party.

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