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Most of the car accidents took place due to improper access to the backside view. If you want to get rid of such consequences, all you need to know is about FenSens, an online platform for smart wireless accessories for cars. It offers smart parking sensors and backup cameras with advanced features.

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FenSens is the one-stop solution for high-quality advanced vehicle accessories. It has a wide collection of the latest wireless products for vehicle safety. All the products and accessories are made with the finest quality material for durability and reliability. More details about the wireless sensors and accessories will be available in this article.


Why choose FenSens?

If you think about why to choose FenSens over other smart vehicle accessories providers, then one of the reasons is that it works on applications compatible with both Android and Ios devices. It requires a simple wireless setup with no wiring and professionals. All the accessories provided by FenSens are equipped with complete tools for setup and come with a one-year warranty.

Products at FenSens

FenSens offers a huge variety of wireless vehicle accessories to prevent accidents

Wireless Backup Camera

FenSens wireless backup camera is a highly advanced solar-powered-based wireless backup camera that does not run out of battery. It has a front and rear camera with a live stream video.

Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

FenSens smart wireless parking sensor is a license plate-based wireless sensor that works on hands-free applications. It has ultrasonic parking sensors that provide audio, visual, and vibration alerts.

European Light Smart Parking Sensor

European light smart solar-based parking sensors can be used with Siri and google voice after backing up using G sensor technology. It has smart parking sensor mounts on the front and the back of the vehicle.

European wireless backup camera

The FenSens European smart wireless backup camera comes with a patented quick launch button technology. It has a long-lasting battery life with anti-theft security screws and Wifi direct transmission.

Pricing at FenSens

FenSens offers a variety of smart vehicle accessories at affordable and discounted prices. European wireless HD backup camera original price was $199, and the discounted price is $149. European light smart solar-based parking sensor is available at the discounted price of $109.

FenSens smart wireless parking sensor original price was $199, and the discounted price is $169. 100% wireless HD 1080p backup is available at just $99 with $100 savings from the original price.


FenSens is an online store that provides highly advanced wireless accessories for cars. It has a wide range of parking sensors and a backup camera that helps prevent car accidents. All the cameras and sensors are made from advanced technology features for long-lasting battery life. FenSens offers one to three years of warranty on all its products.

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