Circle Review | Manage And Monitor Your Family Members’ Online Activities

Kids nowadays are much more active in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Various studies show that kids or teenagers who own a smartphone and are constantly connected with social media platforms, Youtube videos, gaming apps, etc., are more prone to obesity, sleep disorder, cyberbullying, etc.

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Circle is the one-stop solution for these problems. It comes with all the important features parents need to monitor their kids’ online activities.

With this article, we will discuss the importance of using Circle and its useful features.

Why Should You Choose Circle?

Circle is an award-winning screen time management system and parental control solution. It comes with various useful features like blocking inappropriate content from browsers and other apps. You can also block dating apps, specific websites like pornsites and set different filter settings for different family members. Meet Circle dashboard allows you to check all your kids’ online activities, like the screen on time of your kid’s smartphone and individual app screen timing. Moreover, this app gives you full control over your kids’ smartphone usage behaviour.

Product Offered By Circle

Circle Home Plus

Circle introduced this device to allow users to control all the devices connected to the home WiFi network through the Circle App. With this device, you will be able to check all the websites your family members have visited using WiFi. You can also enable the location services on your family members’ smartphones which will allow you to check the latest location they visited. As this device is connected to the Circle App, you can also customize the screen time for your kids’ devices, which will allow them to practice other activities than using smartphones. This Device is compatible with all operating systems like iOS, Android, Chromebooks, etc.


As we discussed the Circle Home Plus device in the previous point, you should also know that this device comes bundled with a subscription to the Circle App. If you only use the Circle App and don’t purchase the Circle Home Plus device, then you will get a 14-free trial and have to choose between $9.99/month and $89/year plans. But, if you purchase the Circle Home Plus device, you need to choose from $69/3-month, $129/year, or $ 349-lifetime subscription package.


Monitoring your kids’ online activities will help you build their careers on the right track, and you can also protect them from the health issues caused due to excessive smartphone usages. Not only your kids, but you can also monitor and manage all the devices regardless its operating system, which is connected to your home’s WiFi router with the Circle Home Plus device. This app has helped numerous parents to protect their children from any mishappening due to its services. Try Circle Parental Control App once and educate your children on the importance of social and outdoor games.

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