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CBD is always an advanced and natural prescription for deep, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a great medicine to create something better and cut down the sleepless nights. Zion is launched with the spirit of offering quality plant-powered products for health and happiness. After using these hemp products, we kept our honest thoughts upon Zion Medicinals Review. 

The best hemp extract originates from the best hemp, which usually starts with the best soil. At zion, hemp growers use biodynamic farming methods to replenish the nutrients and micronutrients and grow healthy, hearty hemp without impurities. Many advanced techniques are used to get the final hemp extracts. All this made Zion medicinals gain a reputed name in a short time.

Why Choose Zion Medicinals?

                                            Zion Medicinals Review

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Zion Medicinals is a new name in the industry, founded in mid-2017, but in a short while, it has flagged its name in the CBD industry. Though it is not developed that much, it has gained an online presence and earned good product reviews from its customers. Zion deserves more customer base, but the lack of company history and a new name in the market prevents its customers from gauging the quality and customer support from the other user’s experience.

Unlike a majority of CBD manufacturers who employ modern extraction methods like CO2 extraction, Zion Medicinals uses the Spagyric Extraction method to extract the CBD from hemp plant matter. It is an old technique that holds all the goodness of the CBD.

Zion Medicinals Products

Zion Medicinals offers a limited but high-quality range of products, all using a Spagyric Extraction method for packing the wellness and purity using a natural-ancient process.

Hemp Oils

For making hemp oil, Zion Medicinals use ethanol extraction instead of the common CO2 extraction process to pull out terpenes, most micronutrients, and cannabinoids. Using the ethanol extraction process, Zion turns waste into wonder by recombining and refining mineral salts from leftover plant matter with spagyric alchemy, resulting in unmatched potency. It uses various potential ingredients such as organic US-sourced hemp flowers that are clean of microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals. To optimize the bioavailability, the hemp extract is mixed with organic coconut MCT oil. Zion

hemp oils come in 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg and 1500mg concentrations. 

Hemp Salves

Zion Medicinals’ hemp salve is a useful spa day stick. Zion’s herbal-based formulated hemp salve blends pairs of healing hemp oil extract with stimulating botanicals that melts away warm and cold tissue to all-day aches and pains. It also uses a spagyric alchemy process. Zion Medicinals’ hemp salve sticks come in 250mg and 500mg content. 

Pet Relief Hemp 

Zion Medicinals’ hemp relief pet products are best for your pet buddies. Its spagyric alchemy process helps extract the organic spagyric hemp oil for pet relief, eases their pain and anxiety for pawed pals. The hemp relief pet products come in 250mg and 500mg packs. 

Pricing of Zion Medical

Products available on Zion Medicinals are cost-efficient. It offers a Zion’s 750mg tincture bottle of 30ml for $129.99, about $0.17 per mg of cannabinoids. The little increased cost is likely a result of the additional time and spagyric extraction process. Zion’s CBD tinctures are quite a higher price than other medicines on the market.

Additionally, with the 750mg tincture, Zion also offers a 1500mg concentration at some decent price breaks when ordered on a subscription basis:

  • Zion Medicinals 30ml (750mg) – $129.99 (single price)
  • Zion Medicinals 30ml (750mg) – $99.99 (subscription price)
  • Zion Medicinals 30ml (1500mg) – $225.00 (single price)
  • Zion Medicinals 30ml (1500mg) – $170.00 (subscription price)


Without any doubt, Zion Medicinals is one of the most incredible hemp and CBD brands. The founder’s wife’s suffering causes him to establish a brand that offers CBD products to relieve pain. Zion is now able to aid many people, especially people with a condition like Lyme Disease.

Another big plus point to choose this brand is it uses the unique ‘alchemic’ extraction method. It is more time consuming, complex, and energy-consuming, but it results in a great raw tincture, bringing a lot to the table. So if you are in the hunt of a CBD brand with almost unique properties, then give the Zion Medicinals a try; they are worth it.

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