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When it comes to ecommerce marketing and analytics, there are countless options to choose from. An endless supply of new sources and means of data has appeared.

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One such source of ecommerce marketing/analytics data is the Wicked Reports website. It provides various services through its signature Dashboard: product reports, competitor reports, content optimization suggestions, SEO information for your site, social data, and more.


Importance Of Wicked Reports For Ecommerce Marketing

Wicked Reports allows you to sort data based on product reports. Through the Dashboard, you can access your products as well as those of your competitors. It is convenient because you can easily look into what’s working for their site and then apply it to yours if applicable. You are also given the option to find products through keywords.

Product reports include various data already sorted in multiple ways, such as highest revenue items, best-selling items, and top-selling seasonal items. It makes it easier for you to get an idea of what works when you don’t have enough time or resources for extensive A/B testing on your own.

Important Features Provided By Wicked Reports

With so many features, there are many reasons to explore Wicked Reports. Some of them are :

Content Optimization Suggestions & SEO Information

When you first set up an account on Wicked Reports, the Dashboard provides recommendations based on your site’s content to improve its SEO and overall performance. It is very helpful because it saves you some time that would otherwise be spent optimizing your website for keywords by yourself.

It also provides crucial SEO information about your site, such as whether you are properly implementing tags, the number of indexed pages by search engines, etc. Again, this saves you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Social Data, Content Marketing & Heatmaps

Wicked Reports has a variety of data related to social media marketing and content management. The service allows you to analyze your different channels’ performance in terms of metrics such as likes, shares, retweets, etc. It is especially beneficial for companies that focus their strategy on these social media.

Competitor Tracking & Analytics

Finally, Wicked Reports has a competitor tracking system. You can add your competitors’ website URLs and get a detailed performance report based on their data. It allows you to see where they are getting all of their traffic, how much revenue each channel is generating, what kind of content works best for them, etc., which makes it easier to come up with a strategy that matches or outperforms their own.

Additional Services Of Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports also has a Content Optimization tool that lets you optimize your site, blog, and other content for search engines without actually having to write it again from scratch. You can pick the keywords you want to focus on and send the data to their team; they will then produce high-quality content that matches your industry and is optimized for SEO.

It also has a Heatmap tool that shows you how your visitors are browsing through your site, which is very helpful for marketers who want to provide the best user experience. You can see where they click on most often or even where they scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Pricing Plans

One of the Wicked Reports’ advantages is that there are no set plans. Prices start at $597 per month, which is reasonable considering all of the data you receive throughout your campaign. They do not provide free trial periods, but you can consult them for booking a demo version to witness the Wicked Report services in action.


The e-commerce solution Wicked Reports is the best recommendation to people who want an affordable ecommerce analytics service. Wicked Reports is a great option for ecommerce marketers who want to track and optimize their online marketing campaigns without setting up complex infrastructure. It is cheaper than most services and provides real value in terms of features and customer support. They also offer a free demo, which allows you to try everything.


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