Tryshift Review – The Special Apps & Extensions To Shift

Read the latest Tryshift review. Tryshift is all about your streamlining workflow. Get things done across Mail, Calendar and Drive-by accessing Boomerang, Grammarly, Google services and all of your favorite application at one place.

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You can add each of your accounts by switching between them without any hassle. All types of mail, calendar & drive are at your fingertips. 

Why TryShift?

The shift is a solution to your multiple browsers, tab, Incognito and logging-in, and logging out. Just stay up-to-date and never miss a notification from all of your accounts. Tryshift works wondrously on different platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.  


Tryshift Alternative 

A shift is an email client which Navigates between Mail, Calendar, drive, and your favorite apps. It is created by red brick. You can shift into higher gear with google client for your desktop that makes to  Switching and navigating between Apps, Extensions, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 and Hotmail. The user can connect unlimited accounts like Gmail, Inbox, Outlook. Multi-account Access, Cross-Account unified search, Customize desktop notifications, Cross-platform support, Connect favorite web apps such as Slack, Asana, Trello and Evernote plus. 

Tryshift 3.0

Tryshift3.0 is the latest version. They have added advanced features like Unified search, Boomerang, Grammarly and Google services. You can get access to your favorite web apps. Tryshift supports platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. They are independent of the browser and grouped by account. A user can add Gmail, Outlook and office 365 accounts.

The unified search can search anything across all of your mail, calendar and Drive reports by a single query. Unified search is also called an official Receipt finder. You can add your favorite tools and enjoy easy access to Google services and Integrations. The shift takes a one-click solution for logging-in & logging-out. It also supports the Chrome extension. Boomerang and Grammarly are coming soon. By having all of your favorite productive tools under your roof, Then you would be unstoppable.

Apps & Extensions

Productivity starts by picking the right tools. You can add your favorite apps & extensions to tryshift. These Apps and Extensions were categorized  into various types such as Accounting and Finance, Content creation and publishing, Communication and messaging, Apps, Extensions, Password Management, Social media, CRM and sales, Curation and sourcing, Customer support, Design and Creativity, News, Office Administration, E-commerce and shopping, file sharing and storage, Google, IT and developer tools, legal and HR, marketing and Analytics, miscellaneous, music and video streaming, Online Learning, and project task management.

The extensions apps like Boomerang, collabspot, Dropbox for Gmail, Gmelius, GoToMeeting, Grammarly, Hubspot sales, LastPass, Mailtrack, mix max, PDF viewer, Mailtrack, Streak, Todolist for Gmail and Zoom schedule. Communication and messaging apps such as Android messages, AOL, Appear. In, Bluejeans, Callfire, ChartWork, ClickMeeting, Dialpad, Dingtalk, Discord, doodle, Drift, Gitter, Livechart, Messenger, Microsoft teams, Notion, protonmail, Skype, Slack, VK messenger, Viber, Whatsapp and yahoo mail. Content creation and publishing websites like Crowd content,, Disqus, Ghost, Issuu, Kentico, Lucidchart, Medium, Vimeo, weebly, and WordPress. The Curation and sourcing apps such as Feedly, Lifehacker, Pocket, product hunt, Quora, Reddit and and many more.

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Tryshift Pricing

This Tryshift pricing was classified into three different plans like a Basic plan, Pro Plan, and Advanced plan. The basic program is free for everyone. By signing up to TryshiftPro plan, you have $29.99 per year. By Upgrading to premium Tryshift Advanced plan, you can get complete access to Unlimited accounts, Remove sent with the shift, Multi-account access, desktop Notifications, Cross-platform support across Windows, Mac and Linux, Notifications muting, Add google services, Enabling chrome extensions, Unified search and By Access other applications too.


Tryshift is the best shift for everyone. You can be able to share all the advanced features you known across with your teammate.

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