Traveling Mailbox Review | Budget-Friendly Online Postal Mailbox With Complete Global Access

Are you looking for any online mailbox that enhances your communication? You need to know about Traveling Mailbox, an online solution for postal mails for individuals and small businesses. It has highly reliable mail scanning solutions that allow users to access mail anywhere in the world.

Traveling Mailbox provides high-quality mail scanning and forwarding services all over the world. It gives a real physical street address to the user which helps the user to get the complete information first and then share it with the Mailbox for scanning and forwarding. The customer can easily view the postal mail online anywhere with an online postal mailbox. All the mailbox services are charged at a very low cost for easy affordability.

Why choose Traveling Mailbox?

If you are wondering why to choose Traveling Mailbox over other online mailbox service providers, then one of the major reasons is that it provides exceptional service to the thousands of travelers, expats, businesses, individuals, and other countries by scanning mails. It has both Android and IOS compatible mobile applications with email alerts and pushes notifications. Parcel forwarding feature is also available where the customer can forward parcels of any company.

Services provided by Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox serves thousands of families, individuals, businesses, and many more in managing their postal mail online

Mail Scanning

Traveling Mailbox scans each envelope that comes to customers and posts it to the online Mailbox. The customer can scan their documents and forward them to the listed person anywhere in the world. All the scans are usually completed within a few hours as it provides scanning services seven days a week.

Mail Forwarding

Forwarding services are provided by the Traveling Mailbox anywhere in the world. It provides all the forwarding services by USPS and UPS with affordable shipping rates. Traveling Mailbox forwarding services helps the customer to send the mail within an online portal.


Traveling Mailbox addresses helps the user to get easily connected with their nearest Mailbox. The traveling Mailbox can be located in more than 25 locations, and the customer can have access to more than one address. Additional fees and restrictions may be applied if the customer has multiple addresses.


You can access your postal mail from anywhere in the world using a desktop and laptop. Traveling Mailbox apps are also available for easy and instant access on smartphones and tablets. The application is compatible with Android, Iphone, and Ipads.

Deposit Checks

Traveling Mailbox check deposit service is also available where the customer can handle the check at the Mailbox and continue traveling. If the check is in the mail, Traveling Mailbox will deposit it directly to your bank account. All the checks will be deposited in 2-3 days after receiving the shipment.

Pricing at Traveling Mailbox

All the plans at Traveling Mailbox are budget-friendly for complete customer assistance. The basic plan with 40 incoming envelopes and 35-page scans per month at $15. The extended plan receives more envelopes and more page scans. It has five mailbox recipients and scans rollover at $25 per month.

The small business plan is for businesses and large households with unlimited cloud storage and scans 180 pages per month at $55 per month. Enterprise standard plan with 500 incoming envelopes and scans per month is available at $99 per month.


Traveling Mailbox is an online platform for world-class mail scanning solutions with postal mail scanning and forwarding. It is designed for simple and hassle-free post mail from anywhere in the world. All mails and packages can be forwarded anywhere with an overnight shipping facility available.

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