Smash Balloon Review – The Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Smash balloon is a company which has developed a WordPress plugin in early 2013. These type of plugins are not only intuitive but very simple to use. It is designed to display your social media content uniquely seamlessly. Across worldwide, almost one million people use plugins. Smash balloon provides the quickest and most effective customer care support for the individuals. It also displays social media content on your website. They offer customized plugins for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Smash ballon is responsive, Powerful, customizable, and SEO friendly.

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Three Types of Smash Balloon Plugins:

Smash balloon goal is to create and maintain the most useful, Functional, robust, and social media plugins for your website. Their main aim is to provide quickest, friendliest, and mind-blowing products to the customers.

Smash balloon plugins classified into three types which enlisted below.

The custom facebook feed.

The Instagram feed.

Custom twitter feed.

The Custom Facebook Feed Pro:

Custom facebook feed pro displays total customizable feeds on your website. It allows a feed to reveal a completely customizable, responsive, and Search engine crawlable version for your Facebook feed page. They are simple to set up and have tons of customization options. You need this for increasing social engagement, save time, display your content your way, Add dynamic SEO content to your site, No coding required, Super simple to set up, Mind-blowing customer support with advanced features.

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Features of Facebook Feed Plugin:

Their mission is to create a beautifully customized facebook plugin for WordPress.

Super simple to set up.

No design or technical knowledge required.

Responsive and mobile optimized.

Multiple facebook feed with no limitations.

Search engine accessible.

Comprehensive post caching.

Embed videos and interactive flash content.

pop-up media lightbox.

Choose which type of posts to display.

Control which parts your posts is displayed.

comments, like shares, and comment replies.

Share your posts directly from your site.

Infinity load more posts.

HD 360 degree & Live video.

Display content from differing parts of your facebook page.

Multiple images per post with post attachments.

Preset post layouts.

Filter posts by hashtags or words.

Linked hashtags and post tags.

You decide whose posts included.

International language support.

Advanced customization through code snippets.

Solidly built and tested to minimize conflicts.

Quick support from expert developers.

Pricing of Custom Facebook feed:

The custom Facebook feed comes with four plans. You have to pay $49 for a personal license, $99 for Business license, $169 for Developers license, and $249 for smash license.

Features of Instagram Feed Pro:

The company has to keep heart and soul into this for creating Instagram feed WordPress plugin. The individuals can show off your Instagram photo and video on their websites.

It is super easy to set up.

No design required.

Responsive and mobile optimized.

Multiple Instagram feeds with no limitations.

Search engine accessible.

Reliable data were caching.

Instagram stories with multiple layout options.

HTML5 video support.

Pop-up media lightbox.

Filter posts by hashtags or words.

Pricing of Instagram feed:

Instagram feed plan offers three plans. You have to pay $39 for a personal license, $89 for Business license, and $139 for a Developer license.

Features of Twitter Feeds Plugin:

Smash balloon can create the most customizable feature-packed Twitter feed WordPress plugin for the individuals. It comes various functions such as Multiple twitters feeds with no limitations, Search engine accessible, data caching, HTML5 video support, Pop-up media lightbox, Feeds of multiple users, Create incredibly advanced search-based feeds, and Quick support from expert developers.

Pricing of Twitter Feed Plugin:

Twitter feed plugin provides three plans. You have to pay $39 for Personal license, $89 for a business license, and $139 for the developer license. The user can get access to unlimited sites supported, priority support, and Perfect for developers, and Marketers.

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