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Online presentation tools are one of the must-have tools. It does not matter whether you are in school, college, or office. Because this tool is essential in every sector as presentation attracts people toward any products, goal, or aim. Even a college project based on software needs a proper representation to pitch in about a website or any other project. Therefore, Slidebean can be your go-to option.

Slidebean is an AI-powered online presentation tool that is brilliant to create the most powerful presentation related to any work. It is not only a platform of presentation tools, but it can also give you the best possible templates to wrap up things in no time. Its templates are top-notch and designed for startups, business, academic, marketing and sales.

Why Choose Slidebean? 

Slidebean is an online tool that offers high-standard presentation templates like pitch decks, marketing decks, financial models, and sales decks. It provides a wide range of platforms such as founder’s edition, expert network, startup deals, and investor finder. Besides, it brings many presentation services like presentation design, office hours, pitch deck consulting, and financial models.

Slidebean is a perfect tool where you can create presentations and reports, including all the key areas. And, it helps you to gather all the marketing processes together like never before. To make and break a deal, you can freely use the Slidebean tools and improve your client’s portfolio in less time. That is the reason you must prefer the Slidebean without any doubt. So, lets know more about specific features.

Features of Slidebean

Slidebean has numerous features such as perfect tools for academics, free resources, comprehensive services, excellent templates, service, affordable pricing, and many more. So, let’s discuss some of the features:

Ideal for Academics

Slidebean offers one of the prime templates that you can use for academics. To have templates that cover all the essential points about any projects or products in college and school. This tool is a perfect choice for people looking for advanced templates to give an outstanding presentation and pitch in about their project in a much better way.

Free Resources

Slidebean comes with a wide array of free resources to learn how to create a pitch deck. Apart from learning about pitch decks, you can also learn about starting a business through a course. Besides, you can go through a financial model tutorial to have more knowledge about future revenue and more.

Affordable Pricing

Slidebean comes with an affordable plan. It has four different plans like free, starter, premium, and founder’s edition. All these plans are quite good and bring you plenty of features like access 15+ starter templates, control your privacy setting, enjoy priority support, try pre-built templates, and more.


Slidebean is the most affordable and highly effective presentation tool, which can help you in multiple ways. Its templates are beneficial to get exceptional presentation results. Besides, you can present the finest presentation while talking about products in your company. The best part is that it works on everything like school, colleges, company, business, startups, marketing, and more. Hence, it would help if you chose Slidebean.

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