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Invoices are essential in trading relationships, and they keep everything transparent. However, the features are too important, so make sure you cover all the things like online payment options, notification, reporting, etc. before trying any platform for sending invoices and quotes. One of the brands, “Sliced Invoices,” has arrived in the market by considering all these facts. Below, we posted our complete Sliced invoices Review.

It is a wordpress invoice plugin that allows you to send invoices and quotes to their clients without interrupting. You can create or design our quotes and invoices to dispatch them within a minute to whom you want to send. Moreover, it comes with some great extensions, and you can try it by paying a minimal amount.

Why Choose Sliced Invoices?

Sliced Invoices Review

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Sliced Invoices is one of the best platforms to design invoices and create quotes on your own to send to your client. It has many extensions to offer, like a better URL, client area, and many more. Its extensions are beneficial and available at affordable prices.

On this platform, you can start with a demo for a better understanding. You have to log in and submit some of your details for a demo, and then you are ready to go. Its extensions are available for multiple sites, and if you are running more than 1 site, then you can pick the plans according to your requirements. Moreover, all the extensions are available at a decent range. 

What are the extensions Sliced Invoices offers?

Sliced Invoices has many extensions such as 2Checkout Payment Gateway, Better URL, Client Area, Easy Translate, Partial Payments, Recurring Invoices, Stripe Payment, WooCommerce, Additional Tax, etc.

All these extensions are available and you can download it by knowing every single they offer. To obtain an extension, all you need to do is add into your cart and start using it for the next 1 years. 

What are the features Sliced Invoices offer?

Sliced Invoices comes with a variety of features such as Predefined Items, HTML Notifications, Beautiful Reports, Exporting, Client Management, Online Payments, Designed Templates, Translation Ready, and Tax Options.

The Predefined Items feature is useful to create unlimited fast quoting and invoicing. HTML Notifications feature is helpful for your payment; whenever you have paid, you will get an HTML formatted notification. Well crafted Report is useful to see all the latest and old income along with quotes. The Exporting feature helps compute all the invoices and quotes in the CSV format for Excel. The Client Management feature is useful to manage all the client users just like WordPress users.

The Online Payment feature helps clients easily pay through PayPal. Designed Templates feature is especially useful for creating or designing your way invoices and quotes. Translation Ready is one of the most critical elements as it can translate any language into your language. Tax Options are useful to set up global tax per item.

Pricing of Sliced Invoices 

Sliced Invoices has many extensions to offers to all the customers who need it at very affordable prices. The price of every single extension is low, and you can pick the extension as per your site requirement. It has three different website plans available like a single site, 2-5 sites, and unlimited sites. 


Sliced Invoices is the best platform to send invoices and quotes to your client in a concise period. You can create smart invoices and quotes by using the intelligent user interface without leaving the wordpress dashboard. Sliced invoices offer a wide range of free and paid extension services for all invoicing needs.

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