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Making a brand reach a broad range of customers is the ultimate goal of any business. Many techniques are evolving to improve brand awareness like referral programs, social media presence, social media ads, etc. of all brand promotion techniques; influencer marketing is the most effective marketing strategy. Below, we posted our complete Heepsy Review.

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Heepsy is an Influencer marketing platform that assists you to work with the effective marketing influencers who can honor the needs of your brand. It aids you to improve the visibility of your products and services through the people with a large network on social media platforms.

All about Heepsy

Heepsy Review

Heepsy is an emerging platform founded in 2016 in Bilbao, Spain, to bring quality influencer marketing to the customers. This platform is driven by an experienced team of web developers and marketing professionals who work to appeal to the customers with the best experiences at all levels.
Heepsy brings user-friendly, accurate, and affordable tools available to customers. It strives to foster your brand awareness by connecting with the top content creators with insightful metrics.

Heepsy Tools

Heepsy makes use of effective tools with the latest features to help you promote brands with top influencers. The distinctive tools on Heepsy

Influencer search tool
This tool helps you explore the right influencers from the database of over 11 million influencers with 5K+ followers worldwide. To give you optimal search results, it uses specific keywords, social media platforms, community sizes, engagement rates, languages, and many other criteria.

The influencer tool uses AI with which you can segment your searches through filters for the precise results. You can create and download the influencer contact details in bulk.

Influencer statistics

At the Heepsy database, you can check the stats of every influencer. Stats include follower growth rate over the last year and engagement rate. With these statistics, you can spot the influencer with the best quality audience. Analytics can be aggregated and downloaded in CSV or Xls format.

Influencer lists

As the campaign grows, you can add the matched influencer list to the existing list. You can handle this directory or host it on the Heepsy platform. Share the lists with your team while you reach out to the influencers for the collaboration.

Influencer outreach

This feature lets you review the feed and metrics to confirm if they line up with your company. With the optimized search engine, you can find the public contact details of influencers to send them a proposal.

Heepsy allows you to find the influencers on Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

Heepsy’ HypeTrail

It is an Instagram influencer discovery and analytics tool created by Heepsy. It builds a detailed Influencer marketing report by saving influencers’ stories and posts. All the media related to your Instagram’s influencer will be saved here.

You can browse, filter, and download any post or story created by your brand’s influencer. A media is attached to your campaigns to generate an automatic and shareable report. To avail these features, you need to enter a list of influencers and your campaign followed by Hashtag.

Things you do with Heepsy

heepsy -2

Heepsy brings perfect solutions for agencies, brands, startups, and E-commerce. At this platform, you can run the following:

Influencer Marketing campaigns: with the top influencers, you can get the branded content for your products and services that can triple your exposure.

Influencer Events: you can invite influencers related to your industry to build hype and promote brand exposure.

Sampling campaign: you can offer your products to the influencers in exchange for promoting your business, which is an inexpensive way of advertising.

Heepsy’ Services

Heepsy is specialized in managing the campaigns from scratch tailored to the needs of the customers. It has internal technology that allows speedy campaign execution. This platform offers all-round support for the productive influencer marketing support from profile search to profile validation, activation, and final report.
Heepsy helps you run the campaigns by objective, by incentive, or by relationship. Below we have mentioned updated pricing in this Heepsy Review.

Pricing of Heepsy

Heepsy offers flexible pricing for all business levels with the provision to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime. The plans at Heepsy are labeled as Free, starter, Popular, and Gold. With the free plan, you can try all the available features with limited search results. Gold comes with $269/month, accommodating large campaign needs with a fetching capacity of 200 influencer reports. Starter and business plans can suit your small campaign and advanced needs.

Final Words

Influencer marketing works and can take your brand to the next level as the influencers can build concrete social proofs towards your brands and services. Heepsy can make your efforts easier by incorporating the influencers matching your brand’s rhythm. This platform has unique features for all business levels.

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