Samurai Swords – Design Your Sword To Win Any Battle

If you are looking for highly versatile weapons that are exceptionally sharp and tough, then choose to shop at Samurai Swords. The swords are offered to allow the user to draw and strike the enemy in one fluid motion, and the victory lies in the quickness in responding to the fight. The Swords are made of the finest and purest steel, making them a durable and highly prized weapon.

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Why Should You Choose Samurai Swords?

Samurai swords are made from specialized japanese steel, and the steel is gone through differential hardening and quenching to produce a gentle curve. They follow exceptional processes to manufacture these custom swords, and these swords are highly durable and sharp. They offer the best possible customer service and quality products at reasonable prices. All swords are handcrafted and customized, and the outcome of the sword exceeds your expectations.

samurai swords

Products And Pricing Offered By Samurai Swords

Custom Swords

Samurai Swords offers custom swords for Katana, Nagamaki, Ninjato, Nodachi, Shirasaya, Tanto, and Wakizashi. For every custom sword, you can choose the blade, steel, fittings, handle, Scabbard, Enhancements, Accessories, and more. The prices are affordable, and they offer swords that you choose with the help of professionals who hand out excellent handmade swords.

Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords are made of high-quality steel and are exceptionally sharp and tough. It is also essential to store the swords horizontally in their sheath, inspect them frequently, and air them to protect them from rust and mold. All the swords are handmade by professionals, and the prices range from $379 to $1199.

Swords Steel

Samurai Swords offer Carbon steel swords as the swords made of stainless steel are brittle and cannot withstand test cutting. Some of the carbon steel offered are 1045 steel, 1055 steel, 1060 steel, 1095 steel, and T10 steel. 1045 is composed of medium carbon and is easily made in the machine.1055 steel is very popular and has 0.55% carbon, 1060 has 0.60% carbon, 1095 has 0.95% carbon content. The prices range from $ 269 to $1199.

Samurai Swords offers gift cards you can gift to your friends, family, or yourself, and you can use them as store credit on SamuraiSwords.A store website is a great way to buy a sword with multiple payments. The price of the gift card ranges from $25 to $1000.


Samurai Swords offers custom swords that are versatile and sharp, tough, and help in winning any battle. The swords provide high durability and can be maintained well for a long period with oiling, powdering, and polishing, which helps prevent the sword from rust and mold. They offer excellent customer support, and the prices of the swords are also affordable.

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