Floating Styles Review – Organizers and Tools for Diamond Embroidery and Painting Needs

Floating Styles offer diamond paintings that are of the highest quality and offer quality service after you purchase their kit. They provide professional diamond paintings and tools like a lightning pad, tool kit, and quick painting pen.

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Diamond Painting is a great activity for people who like art and love crafts regardless of age and can have a great time improving their imagination skills and art. They offer excellent customer service, and the prices of the crafts are affordable.

Why should you choose Floating Styles?

Floating Styles offer diamond paintings that help you relax and train your brain to focus. It helps create art pieces even without artistic knowledge and improves your creative skills.

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Painting with diamonds is exceptionally valuable for youngsters suffering from mental issues as it helps them be more productive, use their time effectively and help them learn things quickly. This activity opens the analytical and creative mind, offering their kits at affordable prices with exceptional customer service.

Products And Pricing Offered By Floating Styles

All Diamond Paintings Floating Styles offer Paintings related to various categories like animals, pets, landscapes, cities, nature, flowers, cats, puppies, unicorns, and more. Diamond painting is nothing but a painting by numbers and is constructed with tiny sparkle pieces that resemble diamonds. There is a total collection of 1190 paintings, where the price ranges from $15.99 to $259.99.

Awesome Tools – Floating Styles provides tools like Diamond Painting Beads, Canvas Stretcher Bar Frame, Upgraded Dimmable Light Pad, Diopters Magnification Glasses, Lightning pen, and more. All these tools help in Diamond painting, and the prices of these tools range from $10.50 to $66.

LED Diamond Painting – Floating Styles offer LED Diamond Paintings like Snow Cabin, Eiffel Tower, Forest, The Castle, and Christmas Sock. You can also buy them in kits. The kit consists of LED Diamond Painting, Painting Beads, and a light pad for painting. If you consider Eiffel Tower, the cost is $92.99, and with the kit, it costs $186.97 as it covers both the light pad and beads.


Diamond Painting can be a great hobby as it increases your creativity and logical skills and you can use your time productively. It improves your artistic skills and relaxes the mind while reducing anxiety in person. Floating Styles offer great Diamond Paintings that are of high quality and are provided at affordable prices where you can have a great time while fixing the diamonds on the canvas.

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