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No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, freelance artist, stay at home parent, or housewife, you must have some system to plan, organize, and prioritize tasks and events. Today we are going to share our thoughts in the form of Project Evo Review. Having a paper planner, managing the stacks of books, or post-its may not work at all because the usage of digital devices may drive our attention away from your paper planners. 

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Project EVO is one of the world’s first personalized, productive systems designed for your brain type. EVO has a quiz to access your brain type and provide more intuitive planners that fit all your approaches to deliver lasting results.

Project EVO Mission

Two entrepreneurs, Arman Assadi and Chad Mureta created Project EVO with the intention of creating world-class tools that help people find real fulfillment in their works and lives. They designed this tool after years of research in psychology and self-development. Arman and Chad thought of introducing a personalized system unlike many existing one-size apps and planners that work-alike for all mindsets. Aligning the purpose and the mission, they invented Project EVO, fusing together physical and digital technology. Evo is featured with numerous top media outlets attracting many organizations and thought leaders on how to align with their mission. 

Why Considering Project EVO Review?

Project Evo Review

EVO is personalized and made with beautiful copper gilded pages, full-color agenda, and completely Eco-friendly materials. The EVO planner comes with many amusing features that help you concentrate on your goals.

Daily page explorer: It is designed to help you think in chunks and accomplish activities while maximizing fun. You can track your daily progress and quickly discover the things that bring the biggest impact.

Technical specifications: The Project EVO will last for 3 months if used daily. It has a compact size of 5 inches in width that can fit in your backpack or handbag. Total pages in EVO are 256- that includes 180 daily pages, 8 monthly pages, 28 weekly pages, and 18 notes pages. 

Weekly Pages: you can measure EVO life score and track the progress over the top 5 areas of your life. You can improve the decision-making capability through feedback given by EVO. 

Monthly pages: A space to set your monthly goals related to work and personal aspects. 

Notes pages: you are free to express your views on Evo as it has pages for inspiration, brain dumping, mind maps, creative outlets, or anything else you need. It comes with a gratitude page to sit back and think of something that you are grateful for. 

EVO’s Brain Type Assessment

Get the Evo planner suiting your brain type, and this brain type assessment helps you to model the plan as per your lifestyle. The assessment takes around 5 minutes to complete, and the questions come with options and the default go-to preferences. 

Once you finish this quiz, you will receive the brain type results and EVO based on your brain type and the plan you choose. This brand has four planner types for each brain type- Alchemist, Oracle, Architect, Explorer. Below, we have also listed out the various Evo benefits & pricing in this Project Evo Review.

Taking the quiz is completely risk-free. This is because you can unsubscribe after taking the assessment if you don’t want to hear from them again. 

Benefits of EVO System

Evo comes with a planner and an app that helps you break up the big goals into smaller sets. Here are a few benefits that you can reap from this personalized planner:

  • The personalized planner is designed to work with your brain type and organizes the things for the effective results
  • Analyzes the wrong things and improves the progress for the next day
  • The flow system helps you set the days, weeks, and months that work in the most natural way with the brain

Project Evo Pricing

Project Evo has a two-tier plan- Quarter plans and annual plans. A single planner for 3 months comes at the price of $44.99, and an annual planner includes 4 planners at the price of $127. Once the campaign ends, you can select any combination of packs, and the EVO app is completely free, and you need to pay for the premium tools. 

Final Words

Evo brings a personalized dashboard for your lifestyle to keep everything organized. Proper planning brings endless productivity and a model the new definition to work and fulfillment. It helps you stay focused while maintaining the proper flow and the freedom to thrive. Project EVO is a game-changer for overworked people, especially entrepreneurs. EVO is a bridge between you and your destination, connecting the brain type. 

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