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In today’s world, the schedule and lifestyle give a tough time for personal care. Everyone is busy with their office/ professional work and it eventually affects your health. The common issue after back pain is the eye or sight issue. With the long hours spent in front of screens no matter what your age is, today even studies are going online with the work and a majority of people are suffering from it. So, today we are sharing our thoughts in the form of a Hip Optical Review.

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Numerous things can be done to get the shield for your delicate eyes right from the lenses to the glasses. Even then some of the times you are not able to achieve comfort. To bridge this gap, Hip Opticals has been founded with the most comfortable glasses that protect your eyes from blue rays without causing any discomfort or weight to your ears.    

What’s Unique About Hip Optical Review?

Hip Optical Review

Hip Optical is one of the liked eyewear firms exclusively making optical glasses that matches the highest possible comfort level of every person. The store claims to offer only high-class designs that have disrupted the entire optical glass industry. Hip Optical offers women’s, mens, and unisex frames in its overall collection. 

The Hip Optical team has extensive knowledge and a firm background in eyewear and opticals making, and design. The store stands on a firm but simple philosophy of delivering high-end designer and top quality eyewear, all under a groundbreaking price. It has more than 8000 happy customers on its platform and counting.

Hip Optical Mission

Hip Optical stands on 4 major missions, the first is to offer affordable and accessible glasses to every person purchasing the Hip Optical glasses. The second mission is creating unique and high-quality designs, which can also be customized for expressing the personality. In the upcoming section, you can read bout optical frames, lenses, and prescription glasses in this Hip Optical Review.  

The third mission is to develop unique glass optics that are entirely unmatchable in pricing as well as quality. The following mission is to restore eyewear by giving back the best quality opticals to the world. 

Hip Optical Frames and Lenses

Hip Optical is taking the eyewear industry to the next level of perfection and comfort along with the fresh trends and various styles in its collection of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and blue-light glasses. 

The store manufactures all its lenses from the US and it follows all its premium high-quality standards stainless steel and acetate for its frames. To make the geeky look more fashionable and classy, Hip Opticals offers a wide range of designer frames to match your look every day. 

How To Order Prescription Glasses from Hip Optical Online?

Hip Opticals have made a simple process of ordering prescription glasses online by just taking a snap of the eyewear prescription from your doctor and at the checkout send the photograph. Alongside this, the store also offers an option ‘call the doctor,’ where the Hip Optical team itself calls your doctor for the lense details. 

After you place the eyewear order, the store starts making your custom eyewear and it assures you to ship in less than 7 days. All its glasses are of great quality which also challenges the high-end brands without any compromise in budget or quality. 

Hip Optical Policy and Money Back Guarantee 

Hip Optical pledge on only offering verified and unique frame designs. The store also has a trendy and high-end technique employing fine-quality materials. The pupillary distance of lenses is measured by employing Hip Optical’s facial recognition software only with the extreme accuracy of your simple photo.

The ordered customized prescription glasses are entirely risk-free. The store offers a 30 days guarantee on any pair you order and also assures a complete money-back guarantee. However, the store prides itself on its quality of products and believes that every user will love them. 

Hip Optical’s Helping Hand for Needy 

Hip Optical believes in helping people in the form of charity. The store believes that prescription eyewear is a basic right of every needy individual, no matter where you live or your status. With this aim, Hip Optical has collaborated with Restoring Vision, a non-profit organization. 

Restoring Vision is on the mission of offering eyewear to that individual, who can’t afford and needy. Hip Optical helps Restoring Vision by donating one pair of eyewear on each purchase it gets on its website. 


Hip Optical believes and dreams of changing the optical world by offering the highest and best quality eyewear to everyone. The store knows that ophthalmologists prescribed opticals are always accurate and right for every individual’s eyes but the design is poor. So the store offers only the best and high-quality eyewear. Alongside this, the eyewear that Hip Opticals offers is only top-quality, affordable, and built with a unique design to match everyone’s need and comfort. Hence, we hope our team has covered everything in this Hip Optical Review.

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