Optimize.me Review – The Master Classes on Optimal Living

Read the latest optimize.me review. Optimize me offers 500 plus philosopher notes, 25 optimal living, and 101 masterclasses. Everyone must optimize every facet in life. Brian Johnson is a professional optimizer. He helps people to optimize their life. The word optimize is derived from Latin Optimus means “the best.” Johnson spent his last 20 years as a philosopher. People who optimize their lives by their potentials can gift the most significant service to the world.

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He has spent several years in reading, writing and thinking, but he can’t make a profit against that so literally started his second business. Later he has done Ph.D. in optimal living integrating ancient wisdom. Modern science & Practical tools were also included in this process. Johnson realized that everyone can be get paid to do what they love. They also have a podcast which is called Optimize. This podcast has been featured as No 1 on Health podcast. Optimize me also runs youtube channel with 125,000 subscribers and 12.5 million views.

Why Optimize.me?

Philosophers notes are one of the most innovative and useful tools. Brian distills from the best of best. These philosophers note helps people to raise the consciousness of the people across the globe. These are the best books at your fingertips. Mini-CliffsNotes will inspire and empower the lives of the most profound truths. This book is power-packed with 500 plus summaries. They are designed in an intelligent way for fast learning. Six- page PDF summaries aren’t regular as it seems. The big ideas were outlined at the very beginning of every note.



If you read a book and just read the same sentence for a while, you would probably come to know what the author is trying to say. Brian every note is written in such a way that it can be easily understood by everyone else. A user can also lesson to 500 plus high-quality mp3’s which allows you to get your wisdom. Just listen to this audio files while you are driving, walking, Running, riding your bike, cooking a meal and cleaning the house. The timeline of this audio file is 20-minutes which covers critical points. Members who have upgraded to premium version can get access to six-page PDF with a timeframe of 20-minute MP3. Each user can get access to 10-15 minute of PNTV videos.

Philosophers note has included 3,500 big ideas to rock your life. If you start to read, you will be able to see eternal truths. The brain believes that big ideas support one other which makes each idea stronger. At the bottom of the columns on the left, you can find little quotes which support your thoughts. Living the authentic, extraordinary life is not that easy for everyone. You have to listen to the most powerful teachings in the world so that it can make some impact on you to be a better person.

Premium Membership
By upgrading to the premium membership, you can get access to 500 plus PDFs and 500 plus MP3s. A user can even customize sidebar by searching. It is fast, friendly and provides online customer support. You can unlock the full optimize experience by subscribing & paying $12.99 for a monthly plan, $7.99 for Annual and $399.99 for a Lifetime plan.

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