Nutrigenomics Institute Review – Understand Your Body and Offer Essential Nutrients

We all know that everyone is different, so why should the food we take be the same? Nutrigenomics Institute offers online courses on Nutritional Genomics to holistically understand the body. They offer in-depth online healthcare and sports nutrition courses and provide top-quality, affordable education on Nutrigenomics.

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These courses are very important for learning and understanding how to fight against diseases like obesity, chronic degeneration, aging, cancer, and more. The course can help athletes improve their performance and health with less risk of injury.

Why should you choose the Nutrigenomics Institute?

Nutrigenomics offers up-to-date and affordable courses designed by prestigious teachers based on scientific evidence. They offer good explanations, proper definitions, the latest research, and practical examples in Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. They use the latest virtual education platform that helps you learn at your pace, and these courses help prevent potential diseases and improve health.

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Pricing for the services offered by Nutrigenomics

Online Course on Nutrigenomics for professionals of Nutrition – This online course covers topics related to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer, and diabetes, where you can see more than 35 million deaths every year. In Europe, these chronic non-infectious diseases represent 70% of deaths, which might increase to 80% by 2030. The price of this course is 350 euros.

Online Course on Nutrigenomics for health and sports – This course mainly focuses on the importance of sports genetics and the application of sports nutrigenomics to sports. Through the course, you learn the genetic difference that determines the difference in the degree of training or the nutritional energy use, which is called the interaction between genome and environment. The course price is 300 euros.

Online Advanced Course on Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics for professionals of Nutrition – This course provides you with profound knowledge on diseases like Osteoporosis, neurological, obesity, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular diseases. They believe personal genetics is the key to developing more effective predictive and preventive treatments. The online course price is 399 euros.


Nutrigenomics Institute offers online classes to understand your body’s genes, take nutrients according to your body type, and prevent your body from infectious diseases while improving health and sports. They offer courses at affordable prices, and once you purchase them, you can access the course at any time in the day within 120 days from the day of purchase

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