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In today’s game, fitness and movement have become essential components of being a competent tennis player. Tennis has grown in popularity and is now a global sport, attracting a large number of young, athletic people who might otherwise choose to play soccer or participate in athletics. This is fantastic for the sport because the modern game has become much more competitive and physical, implying that if you want to be a successful tennis player, whether at a recreational or professional level, hard training pays off.

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However, improving your tennis-specific fitness takes time and effort, and perfecting your footwork necessitates deliberate practice. As a result, for a tennis player seeking all-in-one guidance, a program that promises to increase both your tennis footwork and fitness levels would be a very appealing prospect. This is what the Member Tennis Fitness programs aim to achieve.


What Makes Member Tennis Fitness Unique?

Nathan and Giselle Martin created the Member exercise program over 15 years ago. The program emphasizes all aspects of tennis fitness, including agility, power, and speed.
They’ve devised a rigorous yet versatile fitness program based on their expertise teaching professional tennis players like Lleyton Hewitt, Monica Seles, Sam Stosur, and Martina Navratilova.
It also aids in the development of sound tennis footwork patterns, allowing you to move about the court more efficiently and get to the ball as quickly as possible.
The two are situated in Sydney, Australia, and their team includes a number of additional fitness trainers as well as a dedicated nutritionist, resulting in a well-rounded, high-quality squad.
While their program is largely focused on professional player development, they also provide a variety of online programs for everyone from novices to high-ranking professionals.

Reasons to Choose Member Tennis Fitness

1. The Martin technique has a variety of courses to choose from, so no matter what your skill level or fitness objectives are, you’ll be able to discover a program that works for you.
2. If you’re not sure which Member program to choose, they provide a handy comparison table that compares all of their offerings. They’ve really considered everything!
3. The Martin technique classes cost between $30 to $170, which is relatively inexpensive when compared to the costs charged by some online tennis coaches.
4. One of their most popular programs is their whole tennis home training guide, which takes the proven Member’s expertise to your own home!
5. It really illustrates how to get the most out of minimal equipment and how to get a tennis-specific workout whenever and wherever you choose!
6. A tennis speed and agility program, as well as a social tennis strength and conditioning program, are available.
7. The Martin technique is very versatile, with junior and high-performance versions of the strength and conditioning programs available.
8. You can learn to administer sports massages, concentrate on injury prevention, or even work on your mental game


Member Tennis Fitness offers overall Tennis Strength and conditioning programs at affordable prices. Tennis Fitness Testing is available at $39.99 USD. Many other Tennis workouts and strength tutorials are available for under $50.


Overall, the Member fitness program is built on the ideals of professionalism, accessibility, and user-friendliness. They provide a diverse selection of products and services, allowing them to meet the needs of tennis players of various levels of experience.

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