Adirondack Guitar Review | A Rich-Quality Guitar For The Lefties

Music is all about sounds. It sounds that emerge from the magic of the fingers on instruments for the ultimate tunes that entertain. One of the major instruments used extensively across the world is the guitar. The popularity of the instruments has led to numerous companies manufacturing this product, but Adirondack Guitar is different.

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While companies provide guitars for right-handed musicians, Adirondack thought otherwise. They are popular guitars manufactured for left-handed musicians too. And here, they made the difference.

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What Makes Adirondack Guitar Unique?

Products for left-handed musicians
One of the basic reasons for manufacturing Adirondack Guitars was to provide for musicians who were lefties. For them, finding guitars was very difficult. Realizing this, Adirondack started as an online store to help southpaw musicians to get comfortable guitars, especially designed for them to play.

Adirondack Guitars is a brand that provides extremely rich in quality products to serve their musicians. The company carefully inspects each piece to ensure that the product is up to the standards of its customers. All products are then carefully sent to the customers.

A great benefit of the product is the service-oriented approach that they follow. The brand concentrates a great deal on providing a good product and ensuring that the experience of receiving it has been a pleasant one. Their customer service standards set them apart from many big manufacturers too.

A Glance At The Products

Adirondack provides acoustic, bass, and even used guitars to both left and right-handed musicians. Let’s explore some:

Martin Left-Handed Bc-16el Acoustic Electric 4 String

This martin left-hand guitar is a treat for recording sessions or just playing with friends. The instrument can be plugged in for being played in gatherings, practicing alone, or even for shows with your band. There is an option to plug it into an electric socket too. The name was given after the martin tone that it plays. With a scale length of 34,” it has a smooth and shiny finish. Made of Sitka Spruce, the guitar offers a standard taper for the neck.

Spector Euro 4 Lx Euro4lxbcb 4 String Electric Bass Guitar
This electric guitar for right-handed musicians is extremely popular across the globe. Manufactured from premium materials, this model is very powerful and is used in shows and concerts. It has a 3 piece maple neck, and to add to it, the rosewood fingerboard makes it sturdy. With a 34” scale, it has 24 frets and comes with a matt finish.

Besides guitars, they also provide various accessories like strings for the various models, tuners, slides, cases, amplifiers, Mandolin, and Banjos. The popularity of their accessories is as strong as their products.

Pricing At Adirondack

One of the biggest advantages of this brand is its affordable pricing. A decent guitar starts from $329, and models go up to to $3500. The brand also provides regular sales on the instruments. A regular visit to the website will always keep you updated on the best deals.

Thus, Adirondack’s contribution to the musicians is an imperative one. The brand is there to provide its best and help musicians worldwide.

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