Knapp Made Review | High-Quality Kitchen Products Keep Your Utensils Clean Like New

Are you worried about keeping your utensils clean and protect them from rust? Worry no more; Knapp Made is the best option for you. Knapp Made comes with a wide range of premium kitchen products that will help to keep your kitchen utensils clean. The brand’s products are made from stainless steel, making them rust-free and last longer than any other kitchen product.

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Whether it is a dishcloth, scrubber, or cast iron wax, Knapp Made provides the optimum quality product for your kitchen. All Knapp Made products are ranked one by Chris Kimbell and American’s Test Kitchen. With this article, you will have a better knowledge of why to choose Knapp Made kitchen products.

Why Should You Choose Knapp Made?

Founded in 2011 by Larry Knapp, the Knapp Made kitchen products are high-quality and affordable as well. These products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. The scrubbers and cast iron wax from this company are made to last longer than you anticipated. Another reason to go for Knapp Made products is the quality of its customer service. Their support teams are available 24/7 to assist you with any issue.

Products From Knapp Made

There are various Knapp Made products that will help you keep your kitchen utensils clean like new. Here are the highest-selling Knapp Made products which will not disappoint you.

CM Scrubber 4’’

The CM Scrubber 4’’ is made from 15 gauge, 316-grade surgical quality stainless steel, making it one of the strongest scrubbers in the market. This scrubber is designed to do heavy-duty cleaning and to handle all types of kitchenware.

CM Scrubber 6’’

The CM Scrubber 6’’ is a larger version of the CM Scrubber 4’’. It is perfect for all types of cookware like cast iron, stainless steel, and hard anodized cookware. Its unique design with a larger surface area and smaller rings will help you reach all corners of the kitchenware.

Cast Iron Wax

Cast iron wax from Knapp Made comes with a blend of oil and beeswax, perfect for seasoning and conditioning cast iron pans and other cookware. The beeswax and oil are sourced from local farms and suppliers. The cast iron wax is made with natural ingredients like grapeseed oil, Canola oil, etc.

Handmade Bourbon Brown Handle Cover

The handle covers from Knapp Made are handcrafted, tested, and measured to Knapp’s three-point quality control processes. Knapp Made handle cover is made using top grain bourbon leather, which will last longer than any other handle cover. The handle cover is specifically designed to be used for cast iron.

Pricing Of The Best Knapp Made Products

Knapp Made products are all affordably priced and come with a free shipping option. The CM Scrubber 4’’, CM Scrubber 6’’, and Chainmail Dishcloth 7’’ are priced at $19.99, $21.99, and $28.99. And the Cast Iron Wax and Handmade Bourbon Brown Handle Cover come for $15.99 and $14.99, respectively. Knapp Made provides free Cast Iron Wax and free shipping for orders above $72. Also, the brand offers multiple discounts on bundled products.


Keeping kitchen utensils clean is a major challenge for most people. Using plastic scrubs and detergents doesn’t last long, and their cleaning results are not satisfactory also. Scrubbers from Knapp Made are made from stainless steel, which lasts longer than the plastic ones and can reach all corners of the cookware for deeper cleaning. To know more about the other products from Knapp Made, you can visit its website.

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