Iportal.Host – A Premium Hosting Service Provider With DDoS Protection

Hosting is one of the most needed services for all websites and applications to host or store data. But choosing one perfect hosting service provider is a daunting task for users. In such a situation, users can go through the services of Iportal.Host. The platform offers quality hosting services for different clients. Iportal.Host is a sub-service or sub-brand for the Windowsvpas.host.

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Along with hosting services like Iportal.Host, Windowsvps.host is specialized in providing Windows VPS, Linux VPS, and dedicated server hosting services. It offers some of the best services related to the internet using the latest software and equipment.

What Makes Iportal.Host Unique From All Other Platforms?

Iportal.Host never disappoints its customer in services and price ranges. All the hosting services are top-quality, and the pricing of the plans is the real deal. Also, the platform is a sub-brand for Windowsvps.Host, which is specialized in providing the best services related to the internet. The platform offers everything to create and run a website.


Users can say it is a hosting company, gaming server provider, and more. The best part of the platform is that it offers its services at the lowest price. The support team helps the users 24/7 to tackle any kind of problem. The platform monitors the services using the latest technology and places strict security policies to make the data secure and available for users and clients.

The Services Plans & Pricing Of The Iportal.Host

Iportal.Host offers six different service plans with different pricing. They are

US Windows VPS

US Windows VPS has four different plans: smallbox, mediumbox, wowbox, and deluxebox. The pricing of the plans is $7, $10, $19, and $36 per month, respectively. Every plan comes with core vCPUs, rams, SSD storage, unlimited transfer, and more.

DE Windows VPS

In this section, users can get three service plans: EU-Windows VPS 1, EU-Windows VPS 2, and EU-Windows VPS 3. The pricing is $7, $12, and $21, respectively.

UK Windows VPS

Here the users can get four service plans, and that are UK-1, UK-2, UK-3, and UK-4. The prices are $7, $12, $22, and $44, respectively. Each plan is designed precisely for different uses. So, choose the plan that suits you better.

NL Windows VPS

The three amazing plans are AMS-1, AMS-2, and AMS-3, and the pricing is $6, $10, and $19, respectively.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers are offered in four different plans. They are i7-4770, E3 Dedicated server, Ryzen 1700x, and Silver 4110. The pricing of the plans is $57.95, $57.95, $105.95, and $152.95 per month, respectively.


The plans are US-KVM1, US-KVM2, US-KVM3, and US-KVM4. The pricing of these plans is $5, $10, $20, and $40 per month, respectively.


Iportal.Host is an online platform that offers ultimate quality hosting services for users. It is a sub-brand or sub-platform of Windowvps.Host. The platform has six different service plans, each containing different featured sub-plans. Users can choose one as per their needs. Windowsvps.Host specializes in hosting services for websites, gaming servers, and more. So people can trust and subscribe to the services offered.

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