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Book reviews are highly important for reaching potential readers and its marketing. Reviews let the potential buyers know what it’s all about. If a book gets genuine reviews then there are more chances to get into the eyes of the readers. With Book reviews, an author can come to know what their good points are and where they need improvement. Keeping this need for book reviews in mind, IndieReader has come up with a wide range of services for writers and authors. Know more about the services in this IndieReader review.

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IndieReader is mainly a platform through which you can get paid reviews for your book. You will get reviews from a team of professional reviewers, authors, and writers. This platform is ideal for those authors who’re self-published and independent. It can be really difficult for the new authors to get noticed by the readers and publications. So, IndieReader is offering a service of paid review to independent authors that will let them retain the uniqueness and improve their writing.


Why prefer IndieReader?

IndieReader believes in providing a professional book review service to help the authors to improve their skills and increase visibility among the readers. No matter what genre of book you have, you can get a professional review for the book by paying an affordable charge. 

After completion of book reviews, you can find them on the IndieReader’s website itself. From here, authors can post them to any other site where they want to.

  • The book reviews by the experts of IndieReader will help you to increase the chance of discoverability. 
  • At IndieReader, an independent author can get different review services. They also claim to provide all these services at the best value and cost-effective charges. 
  • After the title approval and good reviews, you can see your book in the “Best Reviewed Books of the Month” list on the IndieReader site. This will be later sent to the subscribers and posted on the site of IndieReader.

Services available at IndieReader

Book distribution: There is an in-store subscription of IndieReader where you can catalog your book as part of their collection. 

Book marketing: With this service, a book writer or self-published author can boost their books’ sales with the help of verified reader reviews.

Pricing of the book review service

For review fees ranging from $275 to $350, you can receive reviews of your written books. There are two options available that include a standard review and rush review. The turnarounds of these reviews are 5-9 weeks and 4-6 weeks respectively.

The last word

IndieReader has various services that will help you with your book reviews and marketing. Its services are quite affordable and review services are beneficial to make your book familiar to the readers. For the quality review of the books, they have a team of professional authors. In this IndieReader review, we covered all the important things. We hope this review helps you.

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