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Saying wouldn’t be wrong that social media influencers have become a part of everyone’s life. Right from Instagram to Youtube, we can see various influencers who have millions of followers or subscribers. Seeing this huge number of followers and subscriptions of the influencers, many brands prefer choosing them for their brand promotion. This is influencer marketing that is a great way of reaching those millions of followers for business or brand promotion. How to find a suitable and genuine influencer? To resolve this problem of yours, Heepsy has arrived in the market with its amazing influencer marketing tool. This is one of the affordable ways of finding an influence with no fake followers and a greater engagement rate.


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Heepsy is an incredible and effective tool for the brands and businesses that help in your influencer marketing campaign. It also lets the businesses connect with the top content creators and influencers all across the world through insightful metrics. 

What’s unique about Heepsy?


Businesses always look for influencers that have genuine followers and have a great connection with the audiences. By using Heepsy’s marketing tool, it’s easy to research the potential influencers who can promote your brand to wider audiences. 

  • With this tool, you’ll find the influencers by filtering the results as per location, engagement rate, category, and outreach. This is again beneficial for the brands that are looking for a perfect influencer to market their products.
  • With this tool, businesses will not need any middle person or intermediaries to get connected with the reckoned influencers. 
  • Its user-friendly interface helps people in researching potential influencers in the most simplified manner. All that you need to do is to search the influence as per your requirement and connect with them.
  • One of the important reasons for using this tool is that you can find influencers of any channel. With this helpful tool, you can search for the influencers of Youtube, Instagram, TikTok Twitter, and many other platforms.
  • Its solutions are useful and specially designed keeping in mind the exact requirements of agencies, e-commerce companies, brands, and start-ups.

Features of Heepsy

Let’s learn more about this influencer marketing tool through this review of features:

Influencer Search

heepsy - 1

Heepsy’s influencer marketing tool is the best option that lets you search for global influencers. There are more than 11 million influencers from which you can find yours.

Influencer Statistics

You can view the stats and metrics of all the influencers to analyze which one is the most trustworthy for your brand.

Influencer list

This tool also lets you manage a list of your selected influencers to customize as per the needs. 

Influencer outreach 

Once you’re done with selecting the influencer, you can contact them through their available public information.

Pricing options available at Heepsy

There’s a plan for every business that you can change or cancel anytime without any hassle. You will get mainly 3 plans that range from $49/month to $269/month. Apart from this, there’s the availability of a Heepsy free plan with some limited search results through which you can know how this whole thing works.


Heepsy is the best influencer marketing platform that comes with affordable packages and helps you connect with the right creators all across the globe. You can choose any plan to find the top influencers. We covered all the important pointers in this review. Hope our readers will find this helpful.

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