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If you love to play games and like to have fast loading time while playing games, then go for Hosthavoc. They offer high-performance gaming servers at a lower price and help you enjoy exceptional Performance. Playing without any disturbances in the middle of gaming can give anyone a fruitful experience and enthuse everyone to continue playing. So Hosthavoc took part in providing their customers with a lag-free gaming experience with great Performance.

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They provide services like game hosting, Minecraft hosting, Voice Servers, Website hosting, and some virtual and dedicated server hosting. You can review the content below to know how Hosthavoc is exceptional from other hosting companies.

Why Should You Choose Shopping At Host havoc?

Hosthavoc aims to provide cost-friendly gaming solutions that offer excellent Performance. The High-performance hosting services, high standard quality, and 24/7 support for customers make them exceptionally outstanding. Some of the best reasons why shopping at host havoc can be a wise choice are 99.9% uptime, instant setup, NVME SSD storage, ultra-fast processors, and 72 hours full refund guarantee if unsatisfied with the services. So to have a wonderful gaming experience, it is good to choose Host havoc to add more value to your gaming.

What Are The Various Services And Their Prices Offered At Host havoc?

Game Server Hostings – The game server hosting offered by Host havoc contains the most popular games in recent times. Some of the lists of games they provide server hostings are Minecraft, Deadpoly, Arma 3, and Day Z. You can buy them in slots and have a great time with friends and family while playing in groups privately without the intervention of other players. So the price of slots ranges according to the game you choose. The minimum value is $0.30/slot, and the maximum is $15/month.

Minecraft Server Hosting

The Minecraft Servers can be backed up by pure NVME SSD storage. These are high-performance Minecraft servers without lags and work with all Mod packs. The various plans they offer are named Grass, Wood, Stone, Coal, Iron, Bricks, Gold, and Diamond. The prices of the plans range from $5/month to $80/month. The player slots, memory, and SSD storage vary according to the plan selected by you.

Web Hosting

In web hosting, Host havoc offers three plans Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can buy them monthly or annually, and if you buy the annual plan, you can save 12% on the plan. The price of the Silver plan monthly is $2.99 and annually $2.63/month. The price of the Gold plan monthly is $4.99, and annually it is $4.63/month. If you take the Platinum plan, the price for the monthly plan is $6.99, and annually, it is $6.14/month.


If you like to play games with your friends and family and like to play privately with them, then it is best to choose host havoc hosting services. They are aimed to offer hosting services that offer great Performance without any lags with super fast load time. Their passion for games drew them to host gaming servers, and the price is comparatively low. With game hosting, you can also avail of web hosting and Minecraft hosting services. So better purchase plans and slots at Host havoc to have a great experience.

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