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Heriloom Hourglass is a company which sells wedding ceremony hourglasses across the globe. All the glasses were made in America and handcrafted in the USA since 2007. We know that time is measured in moments which preserve memories and create an heirloom during your wedding day — no matter whether it is an oceanside wedding, resort, Caribbean cruises and spring break at the beach. We have done complete research and wrote this Heriloom Hourglass review.  

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All these special times can be spent with family and friends. Now this company is currently offering wedding bands, jewellery gifts, holiday items and more. Some of the top-rated unity sand ceremony hourglasses listed such as natural unity sand ceremony hourglass, Seashell wedding, Aegean unity sand ceremony hourglass, the constellation wedding unity sand ceremony hourglass and so on. 

What Can One Do If They Don’t Like Standard Charm Closures?

In case, if you don’t like the standard charm closures on specific hourglasses then, you can upgrade one or both standard charm closures into your cart. Just make sure which charm closure designs you want to replace. This company is even offering the birthstone ship wheels, hearts, anchors and many things in your own choice of pewter, Finished in gold or else finished in rose gold. 

Heirloom Hourglass

Can You Use Different Sands From Multiple Locations?

Many of the individuals out there have already gifted this heirloom hourglass as a gift for their loved one. You can fill it with sands and soils from varied locations. Do you know? One of their customers filled heirloom hourglass with sands obtained from beach, cruise, church, tiny diamond-shaped pebbles including coloured sands. 

Products of Heirloom Hourglass

  • Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglasses
  • All Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglasses
  • Hourglass Custom Engraving and Charms
  • Heart-Shaped Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglasses
  • Engraved Gifts Wedding Party Gifts
  • Wedding Unity Ceremony Sand and Accessories 
  • Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces 
  • Watches

Pricing of Heirloom Hourglass Products

At Heirloom Hourglass, You can find different sort of collection. Every item is designed in its own authentic way. You need to pay $209.99 for wedding unity sand ceremony hourglasses, $54.99 for hourglass custom engraving and charms, $159.99 for heart-shaped wedding hourglass in black, $21.56 for bracelets, $39.99 for rings and $85 for the sterling silver monogram earrings. Lastly, don’t forget to apply the Heirloom Hourglass discount code to get off on your purchase. 

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