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It is not from today’s generation Since, from the past centuries, the trend of shoes has changed continuously. What’s the significant aspect is footwear has taken colossal steps where the individuals need to take care even after owing the newest pairs. Proper care and good maintenance play a vital role. If you’re are one of them who is looking forward to increasing the life span of footwear then, Check out the Angelus Direct Review. It is an incredible platform where you can find remarkable leather care products and sneaker accessories.

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Angelus Direct mission is to provide the top-notch paintbrushes, shoe cleaners including the custom kits. This company strives to offer the best customer services through live chat sections and also gives speedy replies through e-mail as soon as possible without interrupting any customers. All the products at Angels work on anything right from leather wallets to leather couches.  

How to Customize a Skateboard Deck?

Do you know? Angelus paints aren’t just for sneakers, clothes, furniture and accessories. You can take up your thoughts to next-level by customizing with angelus paints. We know a guy who is an expert in making custom designs on a skateboard deck. He knows some of the techniques and tips that he follows. 

Before starting, you need to prepare a deck by sanding it down. Most of the skateboard decks come with a light coating. It isn’t straightforward for the deck to absorb dyes and paints. If you want to create a smooth finish, then, work your way up to 800, 1500 and even higher to create a smooth finish.  

Angelus Direct

After, you done with sanding, Apply leather preparer and deglazer for cleaning the entire surface and remove the factory finish. Now, apply the leather dye by your picked colour. Take your own time and coat with different sort of shades that create a gradient effect. In this Angelus Direct Review, we have listed different sort of products below.

Firstly, you have to make sure that all leather dye is completely dry. After the completion of the painting, apply the acrylic finisher, which gives a little bit of extra protection to the deck. 

Products of Angelus Direct

Types of Collection Kits

  • Starter Kit
  • 12 Color Assortment Kit
  • Angelus Basics Kit
  • Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit
  • Angelus Form Tex Cleaning Kit
  • 12 Colour Collector Edition Assortment Kit
  • Premium Dirty Bred Kit
  • Royal 1 Custom Kit
  • Bred 1 Custom Kit
  • Sole Dye Kit
  • Leather Cleaner Kit
  • Angelus Nubuck & Suede Kit
  • Angelus Shoe Shine Travel Kit
  • Suede Cleaner Kit
  • Collector Edition Starter Kit
  • Complete Angelus Glitterlites Kit
  • Complete Collector Edition Kit
  • Complete Neon Color Kit 12 Colors
  • Galaxy Kits
  • Red Pink Nebula Kit
  • Airbrush Starter kit
  • Pearlescent Paint Kit
  • Angelus Empty Paint Marker Kit


  • Standard Paint
  • Pearlescent Paint
  • Metallic Paint
  • Neon Paint
  • Collector Edition Paint
  • Glitterlities paint


  • Off-White Style shoelaces
  • Flat Laces
  • Flat Reflective Laces
  • Rope Laces
  • Rope Laces-3M Reflective
  • Multi-Color Rope Laces
  • XI Laces
  • Future Laces
  • Foamposite Laces
  • Boot Laces
  • Thin Oval Laces
  • Luxury Leather Laces
  • Accessories 

Pricing of Angelus Direct products

At Angelus Direct, You can shop for different kinds of starter kits, Shoe Cleaners, Leather paints, Paint Markers and Accessories. You need to pay $28.95 for Starter kits, $137.70 for complete collector edition kit, $18.95 for 54″ size Gold luxury leather laces, $168 for Grex genesis XGI airbrush and $1.95 for angelus green camo lanyard.

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