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We used to back up all our files on CD, DVD and External storage devices. But do you know? you can look for synchronization program that can backup all your files between a computer and another storage device. Here we have listed out the complete GoodSync Review.  Their mission is to create a world-class innovative software product that is designed to make your computer work faster and secure around the world.

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GoodSync Siber system headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. They have released RoboForm in 30 different languages. They have already millions of active users across the globe. It featured on Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Morningstar, Financial Times and more.

How Can You Protect Personal Data By GoodSync?

In case, if you’re using one of popular cloud file storages then companies operate these services can easily obtain access to your data, analyze your data and share your data and you will loss control over it. According to statista 2018, almost 2 billion people across the globe use personal cloud storage.

GoodSync Review

Features Of GoodSync

  • Real-Time Data Transfer
  • Block Level Data Transfer
  • Unattended Service
  • End To End Encryption
  • Version History Control
  • Copy Locked Files
  • File and Folder Rename Detection
  • Security Attribute Propagation
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Logs of Actions and Changes Report
  • Fixing Access Denied Errors
  • File Mod Time Translation For Non-Preserving File Systems
  • Fixing access Denied Errors
  • Time Shifts Are Detected And Fixed
  • Copy Symbolic Links
  • Copy Extended Attributes
  • Automated Conflict Resolution
  • Parallel Threads
  • Verify File Copying By MD5
  • Exclude and Include Filters
  • Automatic Reconnect For Remote Folders
  • Portable Paths for Removable Drives

How can you Protect Yourself Against Threat?

They are two choices whether you can build your own cloud or you can use Goodsync to encrypt your data on the cloud service. The goodsync is a cross-platform file synchronization tool which supports all major cloud file storages includes Google Drive Files, Google team Drive, Google Docs, Amazon S3, Amazon cloud drive,  Dropbox, Sharepoint, MS Azure Blobs and many other server connected through secure FTP.

For encrypting your files on the cloud storage just go to the right side of the section of job options. Now check the Encrypt File Bodies, Names and checkbox that can specify the password used to encrypt file bodies and names.  The “Test” button will allow you to check the correctness of the entered password. After you hit save button a window pops-out, your goodsync job will be ready.

Pricing of Goodsync

Goodsync is currently offering three plans. For the goodsync server OS, You need to pay $1,194, $2,995 for File server and $39.95- $499.95 for backup control center. Goodsync for server OS backup and synchronization service for windows and Linux servers. The connect file server allows users. The Backup control web-based administrative tools monitor all backup and synchronization jobs.

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