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If you’re looking for the high-quality masonic regalia then, definitely read the latest Bricks Masons Review.  Already, this company has inspired by the idea of building the lodge for the younger generation. They are using the internet to educate, inspire and connect. At this store, you can find great products that can cherish at wholesale price.

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They build a library for people who can get access and educate about the world’s largest and oldest traditions and quality.  This is a company that offers worldwide shipping. You can even buy bricks masons gift cards for your friends and family members.

Why Brickmason?

Brickmason is a team of house-designers who helps to bring your ideas back.  The individuals can provide sketches, inspirational images or description. There will do the work constantly over multiple iterations.  Do you know? The production time for custom machine embroidery regalia includes aprons, collars, sashes. The duration period for making the custom machine takes one week.

Bricks Masons Review

For the custom handmade embroidery regalia, it takes 2-3 weeks.  Even this company is an expert in customizing the shirts for men, women, kids, babies, T-shirts, V-necks & hoodies, Tank-tops, long-sleeves, kippahs, Baseball caps, beanies, bucket hats, socks, sneakers, boots, Notebooks, laptop sleeves, mousepads, wall clocks, mugs, blankets, bedding sets, pillows, bat mats including shower curtains.

Products of Bricks Masons

Regalia List

At brick masons. they bring up the top quality regalia for different bodies of freemasonry. You can get all the leading supplier of masonic regalia at affordable rates. Some of the listed regalia such as york rite, Scottish rite, knights, English regalia, BlueLode, french rite, Memphis misraim, Canadian regalia, USA regalia, white aprons, funeral aprons, Shriner’s regalia, fez hats, O.E.S and Daughter of Isis.

Regalia Accessories 

Regalia accessories come with the finest embroidery materials. if you are planning to buy a gift for a freemason then, we have listed out some of the regalia accessories such as masonic jewels, chain collars, masonic caps, masonic cuffs & Gauntlets, Masonic gloves, Regal cases, belts extenders, swords, Masonic swords and masonic banners & covers.


The masonic apparels have been ranging from ties, cufflinks to belts. They are offering a wide range of masonic apparels. They also ensure that each and every item listed here meets the customer’s requirement. It is a unique platform where you can browse hundreds of masonic apparels like ties, custom ties, tie clips, cufflinks, bow ties, polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, belts and caps.

Pricing of Bricksmasons Products

Bricksmasons is a company that sells premium regalia list, apparel, gifts and jewellery at most affordable prices. You need to pay $24.99 for cryptic masons, $60 for masonic chain collar round, $24.99 for masonic silk tie with self square, $20.99 for Gold stainless necklace and $15.77 for freemasonry theme bronze pocket watch.

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