Frog Hollow Farm Review | Organic Fresh Fruits and Baked Goods

Fresh fruits are very crucial for maintaining a proper hygienic diet and health. Fruits are one of the most important diets for the nutritional growth of the body. Frog Hollow Farm is an online platform that provides natural and organic fresh fruits and freshly baked products.

Frog Hollow Farm provides membership services for organic fruits available in different seasons. It also offers a wide and growing selection of freshly baked goods, pantry staples, and gifts. All the fruits are organic and fresh for immediate consumption and enhanced with their nutrients.

Why choose Frog Hollow Farm?

The fruits provided by the Frog Hollow Farm are tree-ripened that helps the fruit to get its full potential. They test each variety for sugar content before harvesting the natural and tastiest fruit. The farming team and techniques of Frog Hollow Farm are unique from others. It also provides a wide variety of high-quality grocery and bakery products.

Products at Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm provides a huge variety of natural fresh fruits and food products with various tastes and flavors

Organic Hass Avocados

Hass avocado is one of the most demanded varieties of avocado. These Frog Hollow Farm avocados are highly nutritious and enriched with potassium, proteins, magnesium, Vitamin E, vitamin K, and other beneficial health supplements.

Organic sun-dried Apricots

Frog Hollow Farm apricots are dried in the sun and do not add any sulfur or additives. These dried organic apricots have a sweet and tangy flavor that keeps the apricot’s flavor fresh after drying. All these dried apricots are seasonal selections from a variety of apricots.

Organic sun-dried peaches

Frog Hollow Farm dried peaches are completely dried in sunlight with no additives mixed. These organic dried peaches are selected from the various varieties of peaches for a completely natural taste.

Olive oil rosemary crackers

Olive oil rosemary crackers are made from high-quality rosemary picked from the fresh garden. This Frog Hollow Farm bakery product is made with 100% organic olive oil, organic flour, rosemary, and salt. It can be combined with cheese dips or salad for the ultimate taste.

Pricing at Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm provides a huge variety of natural and organic fruits and bakery products at affordable prices. Olive oil rosemary crackers are available at $11.99. Organic mixed fruit kit starts from $34.99 and mixed fruit with cheese box from $64.99.
Organic apricot conservation is at just $13.99.

Graham crackers from $9.99 and white Sonora whole wheat flour at $11.99. All the organic sun-dried fruits are available at $11.99, and the gift box from $64.99. Grass-fed boneless beef ribeye steaks at $79.99.


Frog Hollow Farm is an online platform that provides various organic fruits ripened freshly on the tree. It has a wide selection of various bakery items for organic and healthy snacks. All the fruits provided by Frog Hollow Farm are grown under special conditions that suit a perfect and sweet fruit. Hygienically chopped beef, pork, and chicken meats are also available.

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