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Check out the Drjockers review. Dr jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, Corrective care chiropractor and Functional Nutritionist. He owns Exodus health center in Kennesaw. He is the founder of Drjockers.com. This website is designed to empower people. They use science-based solutions to improve your health.

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Drjockers six revolutionary online programs include the Sugar detox, Cancer cleanses, Ketogenic diet, Digestive health restoration program, Autoimmune elimination program, and Superbrain program. The mission of Drjockers is to Inspire & Empower people about full health potentials. Drjockers team is an expert in their fields. They were professionals in discovering new technique, Protocols, health strategies and communication skills. They are capable of delivering excellence in caring & coaching.

Why Dr Jockers?
Know your body is a fantastic holistic vessel which governed by infinite intelligence of the creator. It has been scientifically proven that the most important element to a healthy lifestyle for well-being is a healthy nervous system. The there team helps you to improve your nutritional state, Micronutrients levels, areas of toxicity, Stagnicity, stress factor, and Sleeping habits too. Drjockers were certified in Advanced personal trainer, Lifestyle and weight management specialist and Exercise development & functional rehab specialist. 

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This health category classified into six types like Hot topics, Health news, Ketogenic diet, Autoimmune, Cancer and Digestive health. Hot topics consist of keto metabolic makeover, Top five blood test for inflammation, Top three healthy fats and which fats to never eat, How sugar feeds cancer growth, best magnesium supplement and is coconut oil good for the heart. The various health benefits of coconut oil such as It helps easy digestion, Strengthens immune system, Prevents & effective cures candida, Wrinkles, sagging skin, Skin dryness & flaking. Coconut oil also reduces protein loss in hair & nourishes the hair, effective healing the damaged tissues & infections, Treats pancreatitis, Alzheimer’s disease, prevents diseases affecting liver & kidney and improves bone health.

Recipes :
These recipes were divided into five different types like Beverages, Main Dishes, Side dishes, Snacks, and desserts. The beverages such as keto drinks, Chocolate coconut keto milkshake, Almond milk hot chocolate, key lime pie smoothie, keto matcha green tea and Super cinnamon roll smoothie. The main dishes like Nourishing paleo chili recipe, keto Thai ginger chicken noodles, 20 main keto courses, Cauliflower crust mini pizzas, Thai ginger coconut soup with cauliflower rice and Colorful chicken and vegetable salad. Side dishes such as Salmon salad zucchini cups, Keto shortbread bacon bites, Cauliflower keto alfredo sauce, No bean turmeric keto hummus, and Chocolate strawberry mouse. Types of desserts such as Keto brownie cookie recipe, Keto carrot cake, vanilla Custard keto ice cream, Chocolate cream pie, Coconut cream key lime pie, and Blueberry coconut parfait.

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Types of Programs:
These programs classified into six categories such as Ketogenic program, Digestive health restoration program. Cancer cleanses detox program, Autoimmune elimination program, Superbrain program, and Sugar detox program.

Conclusion :
Drjockers sells ketogenic products such as Keto biome, keto digest, Keto Protein, Keto edge and so on.

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