Biosonics Review – Tune Your World With Sound-Healing Tuning Forks

Biosonics offer life-changing products on music and sound healing, energy medicine, and high consciousness. They offer tuning forks that can tune your body, instantly alter your body’s biochemistry, and help bring your nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance.

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The tuning fork helps bring the body into deep relaxation while feeling centered and at peace. They also reduce stress, increase blood flow, enhance immune response, fully integrate mind and body, and help transcend higher levels of consciousness. They offer excellent customer service with the prices being affordable.

Why Should You Choose Biosonics?

The tuning forks offered by Biosonics help improve mental clarity and brain function, relieve stress, and refine your sonic ability. They help bring your nervous system into balance and integrate the left, and right brain thought patterns.

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Biosonics specially tuned tuning forks make you feel unified and at peace, reigniting the passion and power deep inside you, and when you tap them, you can feel the happy feeling inside you. The prices offered are also affordable, and they provide excellent customer service.

Products And Pricing Offered By Biosonics

Healing Books – Biosonics offers books where you can heal yourself with tuning forks, answer all your questions about sound healing, and integrate science, sound, and spirituality. They believe our bodies can tune like musical instruments, where we can sense a sense of well-being and perfect self-expression. The prices of the books range from $9.95 to $80.90.

Tuning Forks – Biosonics offers tuning forks like body tuners, brain tuners, Display stands, Otto tuners, Planetary tuners, and more. The tuners help achieve fast, instantaneous relaxation and develop and refine your sonic abilities. The prices of the tuning forks range from $7.34 to $410.

Audio CDs – Biosonics offers audio CDs like Calendula, Moonzak, Spirit Whistles, Cave of Whispers, and more. By listening to music, you will gain flexibility in many life situations. For example, if you consider Moonzak sets a tone for quite happy moments. The price of the CDs is $14.95.

Digital Downloads – Biosonics offers digital downloads like CD Downloads, Counseling, Cranial Therapy, Intuition, Nutrition, Polarity Therapy, Sound Healing, and more. If you consider Counseling, there are many digital downloads like The Art of Trance, Higher Self, Emotions, Thoughts, and more. All the digital downloads are available for $10.45.


Biosonics help heals the body, mind, and soul through music, which helps in tuning the body and helps in bringing the body into harmonic balance. The sounds generated by tuning forks help to heal, and they specifically designed the tuning forks for all body types through many years of research. The professionals who are experienced make the tuning forks, and they also offer digital downloads. Audio CDs and more. They offer excellent customer service, and the prices are also affordable.

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