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One of the most important accessories or parts of any vehicle is lighting that ensures functionality as well as appearance. Lighting is not only essential for safety purposes but also for elevating the overall look of your car. Keeping this in mind, Alpha Rex has come up with an amazing collection of headlights and other lighting products that are best suited for your car. With this brand, you can find a wide collection of innovative lighting products that excel at quality. To check out the pricing and specifications of the products, you can go through this Alpha Rex Review in a discreet manner.

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Why choose Alpha Rex?

Alpha Rex is a trusted name for best quality headlights and other lighting accessories for cars. This brand ensures that its products are durable, highly functional, and long-lasting. Because of this, there will be no need to replace them now and then. In the automotive industry, Alpha Rex has made a reputed position owing to the qualitative product that it delivers to the customers. It’s an aftermarket company whose products are available at a fair price. As per the quality, the pricing is worth buying.


One of the important things is that it ensures the quality of its products. This brand also guarantees its entire product range as they are compliant with DOT as well as the SAE requirements. On the standards of ISO-9000, ISO-9001, and ISO-9002, all the lighting products and accessories are certified. This creates a sense of trust of the customers in the Alpha Rex. 

Alpha Rex Leaves no stone unturned when it comes to quality. Each of its products is checked on functionality, durability, and other quality aspects to make the customers highly satisfied. There’s also a team of technical support that is available to answer all your questions related to products.

Another important pointer that makes this brand widely demanded among people is its patent full L.E.D technology of Nova-Series headlights. It keeps adding new features and innovation in its range to offer you the best aftermarket automotive accessories.

Right from warranty to pricing, everything is so clear that it enabled people to choose it. Apart from this, originality and high quality of the entire product has made satisfied. Owing to this, Alpha Rex has been engrossed in designing and manufacturing lighting products for the last 20 years.

Product to buy at Alpha Rex:

At Alpha Rex, you can find different products for the vehicle that is sure to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. These products include Performance headlights, performance tail lights, and Apex accessories. Further, these products are categorized as follows:

Performance Headlight

  • PRO-Series Halogen Projector Headlights: These headlights are available for GMC, Ram, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. Each of these headlights is available with some description related to features, specification, design, and installation. Browsing through all these will get you an insight into them.
  • LUXX-Series Full LED Dual Projector Headlights: These are available for different models of different brands of vehicles. You can choose them for different housing such as chrome, black, and midnight black. Because of the polycarbonate plastic lens, it ensures long-lasting features. In any harsh climatic condition, this headlight provides excellent lighting.
  • NOVA-Series Full LED Quad 3D Projector Headlights: This kind of headlight has an incredible design and projection lighting. It comes with a polycarbonate plastic lens and coating of the lens to protect against yellowing.

AREX Accessories

In this section, you can buy apparel, plugs, headlight converters, and many other accessories for the vehicle.

Performance Tail Lights

There are multiple models and specifications of these tail lights available. You’ll get a description of each for making your selection easy.

Pricing of the products at Alpha Rex:

Alpha Rex provides its innovative and quality assured range of headlights and taillights at very affordable pricing. In terms of design, quality, and functionality, the price of each product available at Alpha Rex is worth giving a try. With multiple product lines of different brands and models, you can choose the right one as per the needs.

Shipping & Warranty 

The delivery depends on your shipping delivery. It takes 3-5 days in shipment to reach you. The best part is the 2-year manufacturer warranty that you’ll get from them. You can get your product replaced or repaired under this warranty period.


Alpha Rex provides an amazing range of aftermarket automotive products that includes headlights and taillights. All these products are quality tested and certified as per ISO standards. For making the customer satisfied, you’ll be provided with these products at highly affordable pricing. We covered all important factors in this review. Hope this helps our readers to know more about the brand and its products in a detailed manner.

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