Merch Informer Review | A Software That Helps Sellers On Merch Amazon To Grow Their Business

Amazon Merch is no doubt a great option to sell your shirts and t-shirts online. Through this, retailers can easily upload the designs for and sell these designs at no cost. The retailers will get money for their designing efforts. One thing to consider is that Amazon sellers need to find a profitable niche for t-shirts designs. To grow in the merchandise market, you need to have a tool that can replace the old way of searching for t-shirts designs. Merch Informer is an incredible tool or software that helps in niche research and protection of trademarks. Just go through this Merch Informer Review to find about numerous t-shirts designs, plans, and pricing of this software. This review will be helpful for you if you’re thinking of launching designs and retailing stores of your own.

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What’s so unique about Merch Informer? 


Merch Informer is beneficial for all those who want to grow their business on Amazon Merch. Through this software, you’ll be able to look for all the profitable niches on which you can sell on Amazon. Another important benefit of having this tool is that it can filter through large databases of Amazon so that you can get current market research.

Affordable Plans:

For the convenience of the sellers, Merch Informer has different packages of subscription that you can choose as per your need. Each of the plans is affordable because of the number of features that you’re getting with this tool.

Get into the competition:

It’s confusing and tedious to know what works well with Merch by Amazon. With the use of this tool, you don’t have to put so much effort into finding this. One of the most important reasons for using this software is to get the important details of other market competitors and keywords at the same place. 

Easy to grow your business:

The introduction of this tool has beaten the old way of searching niche and t-shirt designing. Merch Informer helps you to make money from the Amazon Merchandise business with ease. By getting the subscription, you’ll be able to build and grow your business.

Features of the Merch Informer tool

Product research: With the help of this keyword search software, you can search on Amazon’s merch section, Amazon’s Homepage, or the Novelty. This feature is considered very crucial to view what other Merch designs are using the quote or keyword.

Graphic packs: There are Merch Informer vector packs that are a free and a pro-member resource through which you can access several unique graphics. The best part is that all these graphics are available with full licenses.

Merchant research: Another incredible feature of this Amazon search tool is that it allows searching by brand or merchant. You can find the top 100 best-selling designs of any specific merchant and then can filter them as the best sellers rank. 

TM protection: This feature of the Merch Informer helps in checking the phrases and words that you’re thinking to use, have a trademark or not.

Keyword Finder: One interesting feature of this tool is its ability to give you long-tail keyword suggestions. Along with finding many shirt design ideas, you can also see what the popularity of the keyword is.

Private training: If you’re a beginner, then you can get started with ease through private training and webinars. This will help you with the step by step process so that you can make your Merch business a profitable one. 

Automation: It has a single interface where you upload your designs for more than 200 products and multiple marketplaces. 

Subscription plans and Pricing

For the Newbie and professional Amazon seller, different plans are on a monthly and yearly basis. The entry subscription plan for beginners is $9.99 for each month which is good for growing business. The best part is its free trial plan through which you can know whether this tool is worth trying or not. One thing to consider is that taking the annual subscription plan saves you a lot of money. The professional plan has all the important features such as keyword tracking, product tracking, customer support, and many more. The Newbie plan has the starter features, which are quite less than the professional plan. Plus, you can easily upgrade or cancel your subscription plans at any time without any hassle.

To sum up

Merch Informer is undoubtedly must-have software for Amazon sellers. Gaining an edge over market players can be done with this feature-packed software. You can use this software as an app or as a web page as per your requirements. For Merch by Amazon business, this tool is a perfect one that can help your business to grow.

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