WP ERP Review- A Go-To Solution For Optimizing Small & Large Businesses From WordPress

When it comes to scaling your business to the next level, it is important for you to have a clear check on your Human Resource Management and a proper check on your finances. And for maintaining these aspects, you must take assistance from a sophisticated ERP solution that is none other than WP ERP. This is a full-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning System that directly works with WordPress.

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Not only is it the oldest WordPress ERP, but it’s also the most comprehensive one you might have ever come across. Thus, you can say that WP ERP is the only easiest solution that can help you in managing different business operations, be it finances, customers, or sales, from a single platform.


WP ERP is the software where you will find a huge variety of extensions that will help in the enhancement of your business operations. These extensions are specifically designed to increase the core business processes such as employee recruitment, lead generation, reimbursement, and much more.

It is the very first ERP software that was created for WordPress that later became the most popular CMS in the world. This software is highly determined to make your WordPress dashboard a powerful tool where you can manage everything, starting from HRM, CRM, Accounting, and Project Management.

Features of WP ERP

Advanced Project Management System- This feature helps you create as many projects and add as many clients as you want. You have got every right to control every part of your project and decide who can view it. And now, you can easily manage all your outstanding and completed tasks on a single page itself.

Efficient Employee Management Plugin- The employee management feature helps you gather all your employees’ personal details. Besides this, you can easily manage to save companies, assessment reports, and other little details related to your employees with this efficient HR solution. In short, this plugin will give you an overall view of what is exactly going on in your Human Resource Department.

Interactive WordPress Accounting Tool- With this unique system, every non-accountant can also understand and work easily with the ledger report, trial balance, income statement, and many other accounting problems. And this system is flexible enough to help you calculate any sales data. Now, you do not have to stress over calculating tax after every transaction.


So, if you are looking for a free plugin, there is nothing better than WP ERP. It carries excellent features and is easy to be used by an average user. WP ERP helps you in accurately executing the most vital tasks for the company’s resource planning as well as management. It is not only the original WordPress ERP but also one of the most cost-effective and professional ones that could make your business management process quite easy and effective. Also, WP ERP is the only solution you must consider for optimizing your business with the help of features that can let you hit the benchmark.

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