Venus Matters – Sustainable, WaterProof & Washable Bed Mats for Sheroes

Women’s body is best defined as a sacred temple. As their body changes in every phase of their life from menstruation to maternity, having a comfortable and peaceful sleep is very much important.

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Venus Matters provides the best of their kind of mats to provide such sleep, making their life much more comfortable and peaceful throughout the hardest times.

How The Mats From Venus Matters Unique From The Others On The Market?

You can experience the uniqueness of the mats provided by Venus Matters as they are more absorbent than the other mats that are available online. Cleaning is easier for women who struggle with better washing methods as they are made with liquid-repellent fabrics. The fabrics are also waterproof and come with a guarantee period of 10 years, making themselves durable mats found online.

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The fabrics used for these mats are verified and certified as they are breathable and safe, unlike the other mats that are sweaty and plastic-type. They are very much comfortable and sensitive on your naked skin so that you can spend your pleasure time more peacefully and safely.

Top-Rated Mats That Are Available On Venus Matters?

Following are best-selling and top-rated mats that are available on Venus Matters:

Universe Venus Mat

It is the best ever mat available for making love on your mattress as it comes with a delightful Universe painting from Peter Sinnige embedded with gorgeous brush strokes. It gives sensitive pleasure to your naked skin as the sublimate-printed cover is absorbent and soft as a rose petal. The price of this piece of comforting art is just $197.

Amethyst Magic Venus Mat

Do you need a mat that comes in vibrant colored patterns to make it suitable for your room? For just $197, you can acquire this mat on Venus Matters. The fabric used in this mat can easily repel the hardest marks, even the menstruation stains and wet spots. With a black background and violet petals centered to a crystalline center, this mat is a complete piece of masterpiece of its kind.

Venus Journey Mat

Many people are waiting to find the best mat suitable for the journey, and here is the Venus Journey Mat that comes, which is made with 100% organic cotton, making itself easy to carry anywhere. The floral prints on this mat help comfort the stains, and the absorbent liner helps to make the wet stains disappear more quickly. It comes at a simple price of $75 and is well-suited for twin, queen, and full-sized beds.

Overview On Venus Matters

To make women feel much more comfortable in their hardest times, Venus Matters has aimed to provide convenient mats that cover the hardest stains. With well-designed measurements, they ensured the mats were wide enough to cover enough space in the bed with absorbent liners. Starting in 2015, they are still encouraging the sheroes in women by providing suitable mats that are helpful to improve their confidence, pleasure, and peace.

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