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Embroidery has always generated an appeal. It brings on apparel all kinds of designs and motifs that you may desire. The importance of embroidery has constantly been increasing.

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Over the decades, hand embroidery has given way to designs made by machines. Upper Playground provides embroidery on various products like t-shirts, caps, hoodies, pullovers, bedsheets, pillows, and much more.


How Is Upper Playground Unique?

Upper Playground has various aspects that make it a unique brand. Let’s explore some of them:

Variety In Designs
Upper Playground specializes in various types of designs that could be motifs, abstract, designers print, and many more, either embroidered or painted. There are various accessories like cushion covers and mugs that have painted designs. Hence, the variety in designs makes it a unique brand.

Quality Threads
Like fabrics, the quality of threads makes a difference to the life of the embroidered pieces. Unique Playground ensures that the threads used are tested for color fasteners and are durable after multiple washes. Another aspect of caring about threads used is that they do not shrink, or the embroidery could wear off.

Expert Designers
Upper Playground is popular for its work in many countries. Their team of expert designers, artists, and painters have professional experience, and hence, the work on various articles of the brand is appreciated and liked by customers.

Products By Upper Playground

It is important to explore some products to understand the work of Upper Playground.

Justice For All- Pullover Hoodie For Men
One of the latest designs in the collection, ‘Justice For All’, is designed by a designer Sam Flores, who believed in liberty and hence the name given to this design is symbolic. It was created for the launch of the UP Stoked Summer Select cannabis line. The design is in great demand and is a rage amongst youngsters.

Bears Pillow
After designing t-shirts, album covers, sneakers, and more, Jeremy Fish designed the Bears Pillow for Upper Playground. An experienced and popular artist across the United States, his designs usually express a story and are given the ‘Cute’ appeal.

Pizza pad
One of the creative products at Upper Playground is the 5 inches by 7 inches pizza-shaped notepad. An environmentally friendly product, the 304 pages notepad has 120 gsm quality paper which is woodfree. Designed by David Choe, it has a fancy, colorful cover that sure generates interest.

Racket Crest
One of Upper Playground’s popular designs is the Racket Crest, a t-shirt designed for tennis players by Dustin Canalin, a sports enthusiast. He put his creativity through this simple yet elegant design. A well-recognized designer, he has a rich experience of designing for famous sports brands.

Upper Playground also provides designs of the Zodiac Sign collection, which people are greatly influenced by.


Upper Playground is a reasonably priced brand. The range of t-shirts starts at $19 and goes up to $35. The price of accessories starts from as low as $7. Thye range of books ranges between $9.95 to $60. The cheapest accessories are wrist bands priced at $6 and face masks with creative prints at just $15.


With such a range of well-designed products by famous designers, Upper Playground is a brand offering the best range of casual t-shirts and caps, accessories that people love to use. The company ensures high-end quality in fabrics and designs to give the customers a unique and stylish look.

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