Tokyo Treat Review | High-Quality Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes

Are you looking for any snack subscription box to complete your snacks? All you need to know is about Tokyo Treat, an online platform for monthly snack subscription boxes. It is Japan-based and has a huge variety of products available for every month’s subscription.

Tokyo Treat provides carefully crafted and curated Japanese snack subscription boxes of various candies and other snacks. All the products are completely authentic and safe to consume. It has a wide selection of different products for different monthly boxes. More details of the Japanese snack subscription box will be available in this article.

Why choose Tokyo Treat?

If you choose Tokyo Treat over other Japanese snack subscription boxes, then one of the reasons is that they provide a variety of candies and sodas every month. It has a wide selection of popular snacks, party packs, anime snacks, drinks, dagashi and DIY kits. All the products are completely hand-picked and curated for uniqueness.

Products used in Tokyo Treat snack subscription box

Tokyo Treat provides a huge selection of popular snacks and other products in the subscription box

Japanese Kit Kats

Japanese Kit Kat is the most used brand of chocolates for the snack subscription box. Tokyo Treat Kit Kat has a huge variety of flavors available that helps in making the box unique and attractive.

Anime characters

The Tokyo Treat box offers a wide range of Japanese game characters like Pokemon, Mario, and many other chocolate crunchy bars. Mickey Mouse chocolate-filled biscuits and many other popular western characters are also available.

Japanese Fanta Flavors

Tokyo Treat provides a wide variety of Japanese Fanta flavors in the snack subscription box. It also has the world-renowned seasonal flavors of popular soft drinks like Sakura coke and many other drinks.


Dagashi is one of the most popular candies and snack foods in Japan. It comes in a huge range of flavors and textures with many seasonal Japanese snacks. All the dagashis are attractive and mouth-watering.

Pricing at Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat provides a huge variety of products in Japanese snack subscription boxes at affordable and discounted prices. Classic plan with 12 full-size items, four popular Japanese snacks, two dagashi, one DIY Japanese candy kit starts at $22.50.

Premium plan with exclusive streaks membership, 17 full-size items including one Japanese drink, party pack, anime snack, and many more starts at $31.50. You can use the Tokyo Treat coupon to get additional savings on the purchase.


Tokyo Treat is an online platform that provides a huge variety of Japanese snack subscription boxes. All the products are completely gluten-free and are safe to consume. It has a wide collection of various seasonal snacks for the complete uniqueness of the subscription box. Anime characters are also available for more attraction and happiness of the youngsters.

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