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In the last decade, fitness has gained tremendous impetus. With fitness, eating habits have undergone a change promoting healthy foot habits.

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This is where Stellar Labs are making their space. The brand provides low foodmap products that are a step forward towards healthy living.

What Is Unique About Stellar Labs

Stellar labs offer GMP-certified easy to digest products that do not lead to gas or bloating issues.

Vegan And Gluten Free

The Stellar Labs Products are made of natural ingredients and have no artificial ingredients. They are vegan and gluten-free diet products that help to increase the protein levels in our bodies.

Helps In Weight Loss

The products by Stellar Labs are useful in weight loss due to two reasons. One, they help to digest the food we consume fully. Secondly, They have no added sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors that hamper weight loss programs and plans.

Interesting Recipes

For fitness enthusiasts, the brand provides interesting recipes that help attain great fitness levels. Be it smoothies or shakes, the way you prepare them can make massive changes in fitness levels, whether making it or breaking it.

Products by Stellar Labs

Stellar Labs provides a series of products consumed by fitness freaks, helping to establish the brand’s success.

Electrolyte Powder

This powder is known to help in developing muscles and protect nerve functions with its ability to sweat. The powder is used to make shakes. However, a consult with your nutritionist will always help you consume the right amount. The powder helps to keep the body hydrated.


Stellar Labs offers a whole new range of supplements targeted at different people. Aimed for women, the women’s Ultra Multi-Vitamin supplements have a perfect blend of minerals, herbs, antioxidants, and Vitamins. These help women stay energetic and increase their immunity. Yet another supplement is the men’s Ultra Multi-Vitamin, to fight high BP and maintain good prostate help.

There are various other shakes, supplements, and kits that aim at attaining impressive health landmarks.

Pricing Of Stellar Labs

The products at Stellar Labs are very reasonably priced. While the highest range is $70, the lowest is as low as $10. The brand also helps its customers save money through other discounts; For orders over $75, there are no shipping charges levied. Hence, the products are pocket-friendly and affordable.


With all this, Stellar Labs are bringing pure forms of nutrition to help people raise their bars of good health. The products are digestive and hence activates the routines of healthy living in consumers. There are books and counseling also available.

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