Solaris Japan Review – Huge Selection Of Japanese Anime Characters Ships Worldwide

Solaris Japan was founded in 2008 in Tokyo and is the leading international anime store and retailer store for Japanese Anime Figures.

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They also provide Video Games, Retro Games, and accessories covering all major consoles, including Japanese exclusives with Japan-only trophies. They have been providing the best quality items for many years, shipping all around the globe, and making all customers happy.

Why Should You Choose Solaris Japan?

Solaris Japan has a good selection of rare products and affordable prices. They offer new and pre-owned products, and if you want to purchase pre-owned products, check the star system to know the quality of the product. They offer excellent customer service and offer worldwide shipping, and they collect import charges.

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You can watch the price at the checkout, and the import price may vary according to the product’s weight. They offer good packing and deliver products within five to six days. Hence if you are looking for ideal anime products, it is best to shop at Solaris Japan.

Products And Pricing Offered By Solaris Japan

Figures – Solaris Japan offers Japanese anime figures that are more than collectibles and are a fundamental part of Otaku culture. You can find the characters from your favorite anime and video games; these collectibles are perfect for decorating your space. They offer over 50,000 anime figures, and the prices are also affordable.

Goods – Solaris Japan offers various goods related to Merchandise, Kitchens, and Dakimakura. In Merchandise, you can find products like mousepads, towels, key holders, calendars, and posters; in Kitchen, you can find products like cups, mugs, plates, chopsticks, and bento. In Dakimakura, you can find products like covers and pillow bodies. The prices of the products are affordable.

Retro Games – Solaris Japan offers Retro Games related to Nintendo, Sega, Sony, SNK, and others. In Nintendo, it covers games like GameCube, Game Boy, and more, and in Sega, it covers games like Game Gear, Mega Drive, Saturn, and Dreamcast. In Sony, it covers games like PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable; in SNK, it covers games like NeoGeo AES, NeoGeoPocket, and NeoGeo Mini. All the prices of the games are affordable.

Trading Cards – Solaris Japan offers a huge collection of Japanese Collectible Trading Cards, including standard sets, expansion packs, and new releases. They cover all trading cards, from Pokemon swords and Shield Packs to Yu-Gi-Ho. They offer all trading cards to duel it out and trade with friends. They offer various trading cards where you can mingle with the characters in the play and have loads of fun with friends, and the prices are affordable.

Media – In Media, Solaris Japan offers Books, Music, and Anime. In books, it covers Artbooks, Game Guides, Music Scores, and Learning. In music, it covers Anime, Games, and Drama; in Anime, it covers Blu-Ray, DVD, English Subtitles, and Limited Editions. They provide guides for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, and more. They offer excellent customer support, and the prices are affordable.


Solaris Japan has been a leading International Retailer of Japanese Figures, Video Games, and all sorts of Otaku-related Merchandise. It is an online portal that lets users shop for toys, Merchandise, soundtracks, figures, posters, and consoles. All the products are made of premium quality materials and offer excellent customer support at affordable prices.

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