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Getting a sound sleep every night seems a luxury for every adult in the current fast-paced life. SleepPhones can help you get the much-needed sound sleep you crave. They are a tech-savvy company emphasizing state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of sleep that is often missed in today’s age. Wash away your day-to-day worries with comfortable headbands that emit soothing music for as long as you fall asleep.

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Unfortunately, if you sleep beside a snorer every night, these headbands will easily distract you from the snoring noise. While these headbands are mainly useful for a satisfying night’s sleep, you can also put them on during workouts and listen to your favorite music as you sweat it out.


Why choose SleepPhones?

SleepPhones emphasizes the comfort of their products’ users the most. The headbands are made of proprietary SheepCloud fabric, whose touch is so soft that you feel relaxed as soon as you put it on. Even if you are a side sleeper, you can comfortably don it and fall asleep as the bands sit above your ears and are not too tight. The product is highly breathable, hence safe and healthy for your skin and hair. You can also wash the products effortlessly in a machine after removing the hardware parts. The headbands are made of environment-friendly and locally sourced raw materials. Additionally, all orders above $25 are shipped and delivered to you for free, so you just pay for the products, not the shipping.

Products by SleepPhones


The SleepPhones headbands mainly serve to put the user in a deep state of sleep quickly to the sound of soothing music. They come in wired and wireless types; depending upon your preference, you can choose one of these. Even if you sleep just fine without the headbands, you can still use them to relax, meditate, or listen to zen music while doing yoga. These bands are thin, and you will not even feel their presence much once you put them on.


These headbands are for exercise lovers tired of managing earphones that don’t quite sit right in the ears. These types of headbands are designed to absorb sweat without damaging the skin and hair of the user. They come with Bluetooth speakers, just like the SleepPhones, so that you can vibe to your favorite music while working out without any hassles. The noise filters in the headbands also ensure that you focus on the music over the other noise and chatter in your surroundings.

Price Range

The price range of SleepPhones that do not come with Bluetooth speakers starts from $19.95. Even with SleepPhones that come with Bluetooth speakers, you can choose between wired and wireless. The wired SleepPhones cost $39.95, and the wireless one can be purchased for $99.95. The pricing is the same for RunPhones and its varieties.


SleepPhones is a company that started off with the sole reason of providing deep relaxation to anyone struggling with insomnia. Their Bluetooth speaker headbands are well-designed to make you fall asleep to the sound of music without causing any discomfort due to the size or shape of the headband. In fact, their headbands for fitness freaks also function the same way as SleepPhones. You can upgrade your well-being and health drastically with SleepPhone’s products and they are affordable too.

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