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Dice is the main tool in various board games, tabletop games, role playing games, and many more. A long-lasting and attractive dice helps to enhance the game in many ways. Skullsplitter Dice is an online store that provides a wide range of the latest and advanced gaming dice.

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Skullsplitter Dice provides a huge variety of dice for gaming. It has a large collection of dice in various colors, patterns, and materials. All the dice are made from premium quality materials. Skullsplitter Dice provides RPG dice and other top-quality dice for tabletop games. More details about the dice and the types will be available in this article.

Why choose Skullsplitter Dice?

If you choose Skullsplitter Dice over other dice suppliers, then one of the reasons is that it has a wide collection of dice available at one stop. All the dice are perfectly suitable for any tabletop game or dice games. This store is the one-stop solution for all gaming gifts, dice cases, or RPG dice. A massive collection of gaming accessories is also available at Skullsplitter Dice.

Products at Skullsplitter Dice?

Skullsplitter Dice provides a wide range of dice sets and gaming accessories for passionate gamers


Huntress is a red and white roleplaying dice with swirl color and gold numbers. It is a limited edition set containing 11 polyhedral dice and can be used for most tabletop roleplaying games.

Premium Mystery Metal Dice Set

The premium mystery metal dice set is a mixture of various dice and accessories in one place. This set includes a seven pc premium metal dice set, one random metal D20, and a small velvet bag to keep all the dice in one place.

Blue Glow in Dark

Blue glow in dark is a polyhedral dice of seven pieces in a set. These glow-in-dark dice can be used in roleplaying games, math games, and many other tabletop games. All the dice will glow blue in the night with black numbering.

Hunger of the Ancients

Hunger of the ancients is the industrial grey color metal dice with gold numbering. All the dice in the set are made from zinc alloy and give solid and long-lasting service. Every dice has been inspected by hand before packaging.

Pricing at Skullsplitter Dice

Skullsplitter Dice has a wide collection of dice and gaming accessories at affordable and discounted prices. Hunter of the Ancients metal dice is available at the discounted price of $25.99. Premium mystery blind bag is at just $9.99, and the dwarven chest with antique brass color metal dice is available at $27.99.

RPG dice rolling tray purple and black is available at the discounted price of $9.99. Blue glow in dark polyhedral dice is at just $8.99. The premium mystery metal dice set is at $21.99 with $8 savings from the original price. You can use the Skullsplitter Dice coupon for more discounts.


Skullsplitter Dice is an online store for high-quality dice and gaming accessories. It is a one-stop solution for various latest and advanced dice sets. All the dice sets are made from fine quality material and packed in highly safe packaging. This store also has gaming accessories like trays, t-shirts, mugs, and many more.

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